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Micro relays claimed to offer up to 99% lower leakage currents
27 March 2002, Switches, Relays & Keypads

International Rectifier has introduced two new microelectronic relays (MERs) that replace electro-mechanical relays in scientific instrumentation, programmable logic controllers, indicators and industrial automation. The PVN013 and PVG613 MERs have off-state leakage current of 10 nA, claimed to be up to 99% lower than similar devices on the market. Lower leakage current reduces measurement errors in electronic instrumentation and eliminates most unnecessary current-fault shutdown conditions due to leakage current in safety control circuits. As a result, designers can reduce the circuitry required to offset excessive leakage current.

The PVN013 and PVG613 are single-pole, normally open solid-state relays. They utilise a unique integrated circuit photovoltaic generator and HEXFET power MOSFETs as the output switch. The PVN013 has an off-state leakage current of 10 nA at 16 V d.c. and the PVG613 has off-state leakage current of 10 nA at 48 V d.c. Requiring as little as 3 mA to 5 mA to actuate, IR says they offer up to five times more sensitivity than typical 5 V-coil electro-mechanical relays. This makes them directly CMOS or TTL-compatible. In addition, the MER devices are over 40% smaller than subminiature electromechanical relays, and consume up to 95% less power than EM relays. Isolation voltage is 4000 V a.c.

The smallest, the PVN013 can switch up to 4,5 A d.c.-only and 2,5 A a.c./d.c. at voltages up to 20 V. The PVG613 provides switching performance at up to 2 A of d.c. only and up to 1 A a.c./d.c. load current at voltages up to 60 V.

IR claims the new MERs have as much as five times lower on-resistance than reed relays. MERs also retain low contact resistance throughout their lifetime, with a typical estimated lifetime of over 10 billion operations. This compares to a lifetime of between 100 thousand to 10 million operations for electro-mechanical or reed relays under similar load conditions.

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