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CCTV video/data/voice on fibre system
28 August 2002, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

The OS800 system is a 3U, 19" multipurpose card frame system, equipped with backplane and power supplies. From Advanced Digital Devices, this product is designed to accept 3 channel video transmitter and receiver cards, as well as a range of voice and data cards. Main uses are in large video surveillance and security systems to monitor and control movement in remote areas.

The backplane comes in three variations: OS800S-accepts six cards and one PSU; OS800D-accepts 12 cards and one PSU; OS8002D-accepts 12 cards and two PSUs. The OS800 series are not multiplexers and each channel requires its own optical fibre.

A number of cards are designed to fit the OS800 frame. Examples are: a 2-channel voice on fibre (4-wire) card; a 3-channel video on fibre transmitter; a 3 channel video on fibre receiver; a 4-channel data on fibre transmitter; a 4-channel data on fibre receiver; a 1-channel voice on fibre (2/4-wire); an 8-channel contact echo (2 slots); a 2-channel video Tx and data Rx; a 2-channel video Rx and data Tx; a 2-channel RS422/485 data on fibre; a 2-channel voice on fibre card 4-wire only.

As an example, the video product OS607-B card contains two transmit and two receive audio channels. It uses FM modulation to provide high quality voice or music on optical fibre and integrate into systems where communications are required. The channels also operate independently of each other. The channels need to be set up for every distance, and test points and gain potentiometers are provided on both the transmitter and receiver cards. It is typically used to extend audio signals over long distances, eg to accompany video signals. Fibre types are multimode or singlemode.

Another example is the OS803T 3-channel video transmitter card which provides copper to optical fibre media conversion for composite monochrome or colour video signals. The OS803R is the 3-channel video receiver card that provides optical fibre to copper media conversion. The circuitry provides 12 dB AGC (automatic gain control). These cards are designed to be 'hot swapped' in the event of difficulty and uses the latest techniques including surface mount technology to ensure clarity of picture and reliability. The cards are not multiplexers and require one fibre per video channel.

For more information: ADD SA, 011 314 3150,

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