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Cyber Junkyard 2014 focusing on real-world skills
8 October 2014, News

These projects aim to demonstrate how technology can be used in future manufacturing processes and do not merely showcase the particular project.
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Transformerless solar inverters
28 April 2010, Power Electronics / Power Management

A transformerless inverter is the latest product to supplement the Sinvert series of solar inverters from the Siemens Industry Automation division. Compared to units with transformers, the new three-phase ...
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Siemens expands its GSM module offering
19 March 2008, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

At the recent 3GSM conference in Barcelona, Siemens announced the latest addition to its GSM module portfolio. The MC75i, TC65i, and TC63i product platform incorporates EDGE, GPRS, GSM, and Java technology, ...
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GSM module gets Quad-Band upgrade
23 January 2008, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

It measures just 35 x 32,5 x 2,95 mm, but is packed with features such as Quad-Band GPRS class 10, a TCP/IP stack, an RIL driver and drop-in compatibility with its predecessor, Siemens' highly successful ...
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Interest grows in the 2007 Siemens Cyber Junkyard
19 September 2007, News

Siemens, as the sponsor of the final event, will host the participating institutions and judges as delegates during the annual Siemens TIA user Forum at the Birchwood Conference Centre in Johannesburg from 22 to 24 October 2007
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Software simulates Galileo satellite navigation system
20 September 2006, News

Siemens researchers have developed simulation software that can test the precision of Galileo, Europe's satellite system of the future - even though not all of the satellites are yet in position. A ...
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New radio modules combine GPS with GSM technology
6 September 2006, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Siemens Communications Group is bringing to market two new modules for tracking and navigation applications: the XT75 and the XT65. Both modules contain a GPS receiver that allows global positioning, ...
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Siemens awards partnership excellence
23 August 2006, News

Five companies made it to the top based on criteria for what Siemens consider as best practice
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Service with vision
2 November 2005, Electronics Technology

It happens every day. Something goes wrong, alarms sound, the control panel lights up like a Christmas tree - and the technical guy on duty cannot fix the problem. What to do? Normally, the answer is ...
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Photons from flexible plastics
5 October 2005, Opto-Electronics

Konarka's near-term objective is to perfect solar cells that deliver an efficiency of 5%, have a service life of at least three years, and can be manufactured on a commercial scale
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Cellphone has built-in projector
5 October 2005, Electronics Technology

Engineers at Siemens Communications have developed a laboratory model of a cellphone with an integrated projector. They demonstrated the device at CeBIT 2005 in Hanover. The unit's keypad or display can ...
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Fusing ad hoc and peer-to-peer
7 September 2005, News

'Ad hoc networks' would make it possible to receive data even in areas not covered by cellular networks
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