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Clearing the Static: ESD Flooring
29 June 2022, Circuit & System Protection

Altico’s ESD flooring has been specially engineered to facilitate a uniform flow of static electricity directly to a ground point.
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Clearing the Static: Safe storage and transportation of ESD-sensitive components
30 May 2022, Circuit & System Protection

During storage and transportation outside of an ESD-protected area (EPA), it is recommended that ESD-sensitive items are enclosed in packaging that provides ESD shielding. In addition to effective static ...
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Clearing the Static: Three steps to a dry ESD packaging system
26 April 2022, Circuit & System Protection

To protect PCBs from both ESD and moisture, they should be stored in a vacuum-sealed moisture barrier bag. To complete a dry-packaging system, desiccant packs and humidity indicator cards should be ...
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Clearing the Static: Complete ESD solutions for EPAs
28 February 2022, Circuit & System Protection

An electrostatic protected area (EPA) is a designated area where static is controlled under strict regulations. At Actum Group, we advise that EPAs should be viewed and completed as a whole project and ...
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Data loggers for temperature and voltage
28 February 2022, Test & Measurement

Data loggers automatically monitor and record environmental parameters over time, allowing conditions to be measured, documented, analysed and validated. Graphtec is a supplier of data measuring instruments ...
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Clearing the Static: ESD training and compliance in the workplace
24 November 2021, Circuit & System Protection

ESD (electrostatic discharge) can change the electrical characteristics of a semiconductor device by degrading or destroying it entirely. ESD can potentially damage electronic systems, causing equipment ...
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Additional pin counts for MicroSpeed connectors
24 November 2021, Interconnection

ERNI expanded its MicroSpeed product family in the signal area to include variants with the additional pin counts of 26, 32 and 44. Unshielded connectors were also added to the power supply group.  ...
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Clearing the Static: ESD cleaning
27 October 2021, Circuit & System Protection

To avoid ESD damage to electronic assemblies or components, they must be manufactured, handled, packaged and stored in an ESD protected environment.       It is essential that these ESD protected workplace ...
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High-speed connectors for vehicle networks
25 August 2021, Interconnection

The differential high-speed data connector systems H-MTD, H-MTD+ and H-MTDe developed by Rosenberger, set high standards for future vehicle network systems. H-MTD connectors can be used for frequencies ...
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Actum Group resilient despite pandemic challenges
23 June 2021, News

The Actum Group is a specialised importer and distributor of industrial and electronic products in South and southern Africa. Its world touches everything from agriculture and telecoms, to pharmaceutical ...
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Clearing the Static: Basic principles of static control
28 April 2021, Circuit & System Protection

Controlling electrostatic discharge (ESD) in the electronics manufacturing environment is a large task that has to be done correctly and safely. There are six basic principles of designing and implementing ...
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Compact, robust cable connectors with high mating reliability
25 November 2020, Interconnection

ERNI is expanding its robust and versatile range of MiniBridge (1,27 mm pitch) and MaxiBridge (2,54 mm) cable-to-board connector range with the MicroBridge family in a 1,27 mm pitch, which is currently ...
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