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Compact, robust cable connectors with high mating reliability
25 November 2020, Interconnection

ERNI is expanding its robust and versatile range of MiniBridge (1,27 mm pitch) and MaxiBridge (2,54 mm) cable-to-board connector range with the MicroBridge family in a 1,27 mm pitch, which is currently ...
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Clearing the Static: ESD training and compliance
25 November 2020, News

According to Desco Industries, electrostatic discharge (ESD) can change the electrical characteristics of a semiconductor device, degrading or destroying it entirely. ESD could also potentially damage ...
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ESD testing equipment and calibration
28 October 2020, Test & Measurement

ESD stands for electrostatic discharge, and describes the transfer of electrostatic charge between two objects. The resulting discharge from an electron imbalance may be so small that the human body cannot ...
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Clearing the Static
28 October 2020, News

The Importance of ESD audits An ESD audit is the first step in establishing an effective static control programme. Before you invest money in new ESD equipment, an ESD audit will help you identify vulnerable ...
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Clearing the Static
30 September 2020, News

Footwear for the electrostatic protected area An electrostatic discharge (ESD) describes the transfer of electrostatic charge between two objects caused by contact. It can cause serious damage to static-sensitive ...
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Navigating EMI challenges in next-generation railway technology
31 August 2020, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

The advent of new-age connectivity, such as 5G networks and LTE, has enabled railway systems to process higher volumes of data digitally, which has significantly improved operational safety, efficiency ...
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Contactless ESD testing and access control unit
30 June 2020, Test & Measurement

In the electronics manufacturing industry, an electrostatic discharge (ESD) can cause irreparable damage to electronic components. This micro-lightning bolt can burn holes through insulating layers and ...
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Thermal monitor for fever screening
30 June 2020, Test & Measurement

The TCSF256 thermal monitor from Actum Group is a fully automated, plug-and-play fever screening unit. It adopts an infrared radiation measurement technique that can measure body temperature by non-contact ...
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Advanced EMI shielding solutions
29 May 2020, Circuit & System Protection

All electronic devices generate electromagnetic radiation that can be transmitted through the air from one electronic device to another. This is known as electromagnetic interference (EMI). In certain ...
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Robust glass and plastic laminated displays
29 May 2020, Opto-Electronics

Instrument Plastics specialises in glass and plastic optical-grade contrast enhancement filters for electronic displays. These filters improve display readability by enhancing contrast and reducing reflections, ...
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Passive components and subsystems for demanding applications
29 April 2020, Passive Components

Represented locally by Actum Group, Exxelia is a specialised manufacturer of high-quality Hi-Rel passive components and precision subsystems. Exxelia products meet complex specifications and cater for ...
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Robust miniature connectors
29 April 2020, Interconnection

The ERNI MicroCon series of connectors offers miniaturised, double-row fine-pitch connection capabilities. Its small 0,8 mm pitch is suitable for demanding applications within industrial, medical, lighting, ...
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