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Personality profile: Mervyn Stocks
30 September 2020, Editor's Choice

Mervyn Stocks, the founder and MD of Denver Technical Products, started his career as a learner technician, worked at some well-known companies in the industry before setting out on his own.
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PCB-mount DC contactors
15 August 2018, Switches, Relays & Keypads

Gigavac has added a range of PCB-mount models to its line of sealed power contactors. The PCB-mount solution meets the demand OEM customers have asked for when specifying a contactor that handles sizeable ...
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Sealed power contactors
18 July 2018, Switches, Relays & Keypads

Gigavac’s GV Series contactors meet the demand from customers looking for a sealed solution that can handle switching sizeable DC loads. With voltage ratings from 12 V d.c. to 1200 V d.c., the contactors ...
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Manual disconnect switches
18 July 2018, Switches, Relays & Keypads

Gigavac manual disconnect switches provide a level of sealed switching technology to meet any application requirement. They incorporate important key features such as lock-out/tag-out to meet OSHA requirements, ...
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Military and heavy-duty contactors
18 July 2018, Switches, Relays & Keypads

Gigavac’s MX Series EPIC (Extended Performance Impervious Ceramic) sealed DC contactors and AC contactors are designed to meet MIL-R-6106 and are especially suited for military vehicles and heavy-duty ...
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Current clamp for on-off control
13 June 2018, Test & Measurement

Universal Technic is offering a new current clamp for on-off control. The model M4.TOR provides an open contact up to the threshold of 1 A and will close from 1 A to 300 A; other detection ranges are ...
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High-powered DC contactor
15 November 2017, Switches, Relays & Keypads

Gigavac has released its largest DC contactor to date, with the HX460 that will switch 1000 A at 1500 V d.c. It is designed for high-voltage power conversion equipment such as photovoltaic, inverters, ...
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Split-core AC current transducers
15 November 2017, Test & Measurement

LEM now provides compact split-core, low cost AC current transducers to provide a TRMS 4-20 mA output from an external 20-30 V power supply (loop powered). Separate units are available with full scale ...
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Three-hole power transducer
11 October 2017, Test & Measurement

The APT-TH series power transducers from NK Technologies monitor Watt consumption of three-phase loads, and provide an analog signal proportional to the active power consumed by the monitored load. The ...
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Split-core current transducers
16 August 2017, Test & Measurement

Complementing LEM’s range of products for advanced battery management applications, the new DH family of DC current transducers offers precise measurement of bipolar currents up to 2000 A. Measuring only ...
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Isolated current transducers
19 July 2017, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

LEM expanded its miniature, integrated circuit transducers range for AC and DC isolated current measurement up to 300 kHz with the introduction of the GO series. These new components offer full isolation ...
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Mobile telescopic masts
19 July 2017, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Clark Masts England offers a portable mobile telescopic mast for every military, civil and telecommunications application. Masts are available in heights of 3 to 30 metres for head-loads of up to 100 ...
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