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New concepts for PV module connections
20 March 2013, Interconnection

To be competitive internationally, the photovoltaics (PV) industry needs to cut its module production costs and increase efficiency in the operation of PV systems. One crucial factor in optimising manufacturing ...
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Lapp unveils range of solar interconnection products
31 October 2012, Interconnection

Lapp Group and FPE Fischer unveiled a range of joint developments at this year’s Intersolar exhibition in Europe. The partners exhibited modular connection systems for crystalline and thin-film solar ...
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Cable marking products
13 June 2012, Interconnection

Fleximark has developed new and improved products for printing on a thermal transfer printer, which can make marking more durable and easier to handle. PUR Cablelabel is a durable, halogen-free and ...
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Photovoltaic junction box
9 November 2011, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

Lapp Group and FPE Fischer, a producer of aluminium junction boxes, have launched a new photovoltaic (PV) junction box with a modular design and unique accessibility to its electronics. With the EPIC ...
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Luminous cable
9 November 2011, Interconnection

Lapp Group registered a patent for a luminous cable which ‘charges’ in daylight or artificial light and then emits a clearly visible blue or yellow glow for at least six hours. This can be employed to ...
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Electromagnetically compatible connections
28 September 2011, Interconnection

New from Microchip is a development kit for embedded motor control designs based on the Microchip dsPIC33 digital signal controller (DSC). The Digilent Cerebot MC7 development kit addresses the growing ...
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Solar interconnection products
17 August 2011, Interconnection

At the recent running of the Intersolar Europe 2011 trade show, Lapp Group showcased numerous new products for the solar power industry. The company’s new EPIC SOLAR 4 Thin is a low-resistance solar ...
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Radio modems
20 July 2011, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

SATELLINE-EASy is SATEL’s new state-of-the-art transceiver radio modem for long-range applications. It is equipped with features such as 70 MHz tuning range (403-473 MHz), selectable channel spacing ...
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Halogen-free cables
20 July 2011, Interconnection

In order to meet the latest demands for environmentally friendly cables, and those with increased safety in the event of a fire, Lapp Group has extended its range of halogen-free products. Standard ...
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Industrial connector housing
8 June 2011, Interconnection

Lapp has developed a new EPIC industrial connector product – a 100% scratch, impact and corrosion resistant, right-angled connector housing which is ideal for use in extreme environments. When used in ...
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Luminous cable
25 May 2011, Interconnection

Lapp Group recently registered a patent for a luminous cable which ‘charges’ in daylight or artificial light and then emits a clearly visible blue or yellow glow for at least six hours. This can be employed ...
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Fire resistant cable
13 April 2011, Interconnection

Lapp’s ÖLFLEX Classic 100H is a halogen-free connecting cable with characteristics especially suited to withstand fire. It is flexible, oil resistant, recyclable and highly flame retardant. The cable ...
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