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High-speed USB/Ethernet oscilloscope
30 September 2009, Test & Measurement

The CS328A from CleverScope is a USB/Ethernet oscilloscope that combines a high level of performance with affordability and ease of use. The scope is available with high resolution samplers of 10, 12 ...
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USB oscilloscope said to offer ease-of-use and affordability
30 May 2007, Test & Measurement

Logica Technologies is offering the CleverScope CS328A, a high performance USB oscilloscope that the company says offers numerous advantages not generally available in standalone oscilloscopes. ...
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High speed, high resolution and mega memory USB scope
2 May 2007, Test & Measurement

The CleverScope is available with high resolution samplers of 10, 12 and 14 bits, which eliminates the ‘jaggies’ or staircase effect commonly found in oscilloscopes using standard 8 bit samplers.    The ...
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In-circuit emulators for 8051 devices
28 August 2002, Design Automation

In-circuit emulators (ICEs) are essential tools in most software development cycles. They replace the microprocessor in the target system, giving the programmer full control over the target. The programmer ...
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