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Complete fixed-speed induction motor solution
29 October 2008, Power Electronics / Power Management

The Somar Integra is a complete fixed-speed induction motor solution with many programmable features that can be tailored to the user’s specific needs. A soft start feature prevents a high in-rush ...
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Gatable intensified CCD camera
14 June 2006, Opto-Electronics

Lheritier, a French specialist CCD camera manufacturer, has introduced the LH 760 ULL, a new generation, intensified CCD camera. It features high sensitivity utilising a new high resolution interline ...
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Fast low-light level imaging
17 May 2006, Opto-Electronics

An innovative solid-state CCD sensor is available from OEN Enterprises that enables very low light level imaging at TV frame rates and above without the limitations of vacuum tube-based systems. The ...
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Comparators and antenna feed assemblies
19 April 2006, Passive Components

UK-based Micro Metalsmiths is a leading comparator supplier and has many projects to its credit, ranging from S Band to Ka Band. The company is a leader in the field in waveguide components and assemblies ...
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Filters, diplexers and multiplexers
22 March 2006, Passive Components

Micro Metalsmiths, based in the UK and represented locally by OEN Enterprises, manufactures filters, diplexers, multiplexers and associated components. The company's design production capability includes ...
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Light detector assemblies
22 November 2000, Opto-Electronics

Electron Tubes offers light detector assemblies that it says provides the instrument designer with a wide range of analog and digital, high performance, plug-and-play solutions for low and high light ...
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Alliance to bring handwritting recognition to the wireless web
16 Feb 2000, Computer/Embedded Technology

Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC) is working on a joint development effort with QNX Software Systems to extend CIC's Jot handwriting recognition system to licensees of the QNX realtime operating ...
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