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Space-saving power supplies
24 November 2021, Power Electronics / Power Management

With its new generation of ‘Uno Power’ power supplies, Phoenix Contact provides compact power supplies with a high power density. The new devices are space-saving and alignable without minimum clearances ...
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Adaptor sleeves for heavy-duty connectors
24 November 2021, Interconnection

HC-CES adaptor sleeves from Phoenix Contact enable the easy and time-saving connection of a large range of conductors in the company’s Heavycon heavy-duty connector series. The new adaptors replace ...
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Lightning current protection for four-conductor systems
27 October 2021, Circuit & System Protection

The Termitrab complete product family from Phoenix Contact provides narrow surge protective devices for measurement and control technology. With immediate effect, the TTC-6P-4… protective devices for ...
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Power modules for electric vehicle charging infrastructure
27 October 2021, Power Electronics / Power Management

With its Charx power fast-charging DC modules, Phoenix Contact offers efficient DC power electronics for fast-charging electric vehicle (EV) stations. The new 30 kW modules are available as AC/DC converters ...
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Power supplies for e-mobility charging infrastructure
27 October 2021, Power Electronics / Power Management

The Step Power family from Phoenix Contact has been extended to include new devices for e-mobility charging infrastructure. The new 12 V power supplies have a compact design that makes them ideal ...
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Terminal blocks with lateral push-in connection
27 October 2021, Interconnection

The PTV terminal blocks with lateral conductor connection from Phoenix Contact ensure clear wiring without bending radii. As a result, it is also easier to affix and read the connection and conductor ...
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Terminal blocks for measuring transducers
25 August 2021, Interconnection

The PTVME test-disconnect terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact are an extension to the PTV portfolio and can be used in all applications on the secondary wiring side of switching devices for transducers ...
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Outdoor housings for space-critical applications
29 September 2021, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

New outdoor housings with an installation depth of 80 mm extend the ECS range of outdoor housings from Phoenix Contact. The smaller design allows device dimensions that are 75% more compact. It is therefore ...
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Charging sockets with LED indicators and temperature measurement
29 September 2021, Interconnection

The new generation of type-2 Charx connect charging sockets from Phoenix Contact offers AC home charger and charging station manufacturers and users simplified installation and maintenance, enhanced safety ...
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EMC shields for lever-actuated PCB connectors
25 August 2021, Interconnection

Shields with enhanced EMC properties are now available for the LPC 6/LPCH 6 lever-actuated PCB connectors from Phoenix Contact. With reliable protection against electromagnetic interference, the range ...
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The evolution of heavy-duty connectors
25 August 2021, Editor's Choice, Interconnection

Tomorrow’s smart production demands smart components that can be assembled quickly, easily and economically to create customised solutions that can be delivered from batch sizes of one upwards.
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Compact outdoor housings
23 June 2021, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

The outdoor housings of the Phoenix Contact ECS series are now also available in a more compact design. The shorter installation depth of 109 mm – instead of 169 mm – is especially suitable for space-critical ...
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