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M12 circular connectors with push-pull locking
21 March 2018, Interconnection

The Phoenix Contact range now includes the first push-pull circular connectors with cross-manufacturer connection-compatible fast locking system. The M12 female connectors for direct PCB connection are ...
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Electronics housings for Raspberry Pi
21 March 2018, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

Phoenix Contact is introducing a new housing for Raspberry Pi minicomputers to the market. The UCS-RPI series rounds out the product range of universal electronics housings and protects Raspberry Pi B2 ...
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PCB terminal blocks for Profinet
21 March 2018, Interconnection

Phoenix Contact is now offering PCB terminal blocks for Profinet-compliant data transmission. Each of the 4-position MKDS 1, SPTAF 1, ZFKDS 1,5C and SPT 2,5 PCB terminal blocks have been designed especially ...
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Compact patch bays for RJ45 modules
15 November 2017, Interconnection

The new Phoenix Contact 19" patch bays feature a high packing density with up to 24 RJ45 connection modules on one rack unit. They are therefore suitable for efficient data cabling in industrial and building ...
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Handheld housings for mobile operator panels
13 September 2017, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

With the HCS product series, Phoenix Contact is introducing new electronics housings designed specially for mobile operator panels used in measuring and testing technology. The ergonomic field housings ...
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Contact inserts for heavy-duty connectors
19 July 2017, Interconnection

The new PT-TWIN contact inserts from Phoenix Contact add to the range of contact inserts with push-in for heavy-duty connectors of common housing lines. They offer innovative push-in connection technology ...
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Electronics housings for embedded systems
14 June 2017, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

Phoenix Contact introduced new electronics housings specially designed for embedded systems. Thanks to their removable side panels, the UCS universal electronics housings enable modular electronic solutions ...
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M12 connectors
14 June 2017, Interconnection

The M12 connectors for assembly from Phoenix Contact have now been equipped with push-in connection technology. Rigid conductors and conductors with ferrules can be wired easily and without using tools ...
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Heavy-duty connectors for railway
17 May 2017, Interconnection

With its Heavycon D7 housings, Phoenix Contact enables signal and power transmission in a confined space with a compact design. The new HPR housings in size D7 are made from corrosion resistant die-cast ...
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M12 power connectors
17 May 2017, Interconnection

The new M12 device connectors in K, L and M coding from Phoenix Contact round off the extensive M12 Power connector series and enable the transmission of high direct and alternating currents in confined ...
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HMIs for outdoor applications
17 May 2017, Computer/Embedded Technology

Featuring a new-generation processor and glass-film-glass touch technology, Phoenix Contact’s HMIs for outdoor applications provide performance and robustness for demanding applications. Thanks to their ...
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Fibre-optic patch cable
18 May 2016, Interconnection

Phoenix Contact has brought the new Zipcord patch cable for fibre-optic-based data cabling to the market. They are available in custom cable lengths with different combinations of the LC-Duplex, SC-Duplex, ...
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