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23 October 2019, News

Dear Marketer, Have you ever looked back on a year and wondered how you survived it? For the majority of South Africans, 2019 started benignly enough, cosily wrapped in the blanket of Ramaphoria that ...
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Check out Dataweek’s new-look website
29 January 2020, Editor's Choice, News

Our technical design elves have been locked away in our basement for months, improving the visual design and functionality of the Dataweek website.
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From the editor's desk: A fresh start, but a sad farewell?
29 January 2020, News

A couple of years ago, not many people had heard of Yekani. The company bought a stake in the well-known East London-based satellite decoder maker, Vektronix, and subsequently acquired it in its entirety. When ...
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From the editor’s desk: Getting charged up for the new year
25 November 2019, News

The Springboks’ Rugby World Cup triumph in Japan couldn’t have come at a better time for South Africa, as the country was in desperate need of a jolt of positive energy going into the festive season. ...
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Boom, doom and gloom, or something completely different?
25 November 2019, News, Editor's Choice

As the end of 2019 looms, it’s time to look ahead to what next year might have in store, and reflect on the year gone by. And what a year it’s been.
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From the editor's desk: Human brain still better than AI (in some cases)
25 September 2019, News

Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), biometrics and others are benefitting from an enormous amount of marketing hype these days, sometimes justifiably and sometimes not.
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From the editor's desk: Making an aaS of ourselves
28 August 2019, News

First of all, I must extend the sincere apologies of Technews Publishing to Hi-Q Electronics. We have worked closely with Hi-Q for many years and yet still managed to get its address and contact details ...
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From the editor’s desk: Embedded computing drives change
31 July 2019, News

Mike Goodyer says it best in the title of his article on page 16: “The only constant is change.” While he meant that in relation to developments at Microtronix Manufacturing and within the local electronics ...
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From the editor’s desk: Local developments using solar power
26 June 2019, News

It’s always great to see local developers doing good work, and Dataweek always enjoys getting a chance to feature them. Sadly, people seldom share with us the interesting things they’re working on, whether ...
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From the editor’s desk: US-China trade war hits chip makers
29 May 2019, News

The escalating trade war between the US and China has the global economy on high alert, and unless things normalise soon it is going to have massive ramifications on many industries. Following US president ...
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From the editor’s desk: The unseen role of component distributors
30 April 2019, News

FAEs play an essential role in bridging the engineering world where things are designed and made, and the business world where big decisions are taken and money changes hands.
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Load shedding’s toll on electronics manufacturing
27 March 2019, Barracuda Holdings, Phahama Systems Development, TraX Interconnect, Production Logix, Editor's Choice, News

Dataweek asked some of the local players how the week or so of load shedding in February this year affected them, as well as their forecasts for the future.
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