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From the Editor's desk: Hacking sure ain’t what it used to be
29 September 2021, News

There was a time when the idea of security exploits involving the Internet of Things (IoT) amounted to little more than amusement over someone having managed to hack into their home network through a ...
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A technical overview of three top LPWAN architectures
29 September 2021, Editor's Choice, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Hopefully one day soon, enough broad network rollouts will come online that it will become a simple case of choosing the one that fits your application, and your pocket, just right.
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The LPWAN state of play in SA
25 August 2021, RF Design, Altron Arrow, Otto Wireless Solutions, Editor's Choice, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

To help give our readers the low-down on what to be aware of and what to expect for the future, we consulted a few leading minds on the subject to get some of their insights and opinions.
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From the Editor's desk: Turning off the 2G taps
25 August 2021, News

Update: Following the publication of this article, specifically the part about Cell C, the company reached out to set the record straight on its strategy around the decommissioning of its RAN (radio area ...
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From the Editor's desk: Sustainability in an unsustainable world
28 July 2021, Editor's Choice, News

It is probably the case that almost every generation of humans has believed it faces ‘unprecedented’ challenges of one kind or another. Partly this can be put down to us having relatively short ‘cultural’ ...
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Electronics News Digest
28 July 2021, News

South Africa A multi-million rand programme to fund research and innovation initiatives in Africa was launched under the Horizon Europe programme during a virtual event held be the Department of Science ...
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Component shortages persist, but hope is in sight
28 July 2021, Microtronix Manufacturing, Editor's Choice

The worldwide semiconductor shortage will persist through 2021, but is expected to recover to normal levels by the second quarter of 2022.
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Electronics light the road ahead for the agriculture sector
23 June 2021, Editor's Choice, Opto-Electronics

Many horticultural installations are now moving away from traditional sources to LEDs, not only due to their high efficacy but because one can dynamically change the spectrum of the same luminaire without swapping the lamp source.
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From the editor’s desk: The continued relevance of Moore’s Law in the IoT age
26 May 2021, News, Editor's Choice

The end of Moore’s Law (which famously posits that the number of transistors in a dense IC doubles about every two years, assuming an optimal price/performance ratio) has repeatedly been predicted, yet ...
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From the editor's desk: All fall down
23 June 2021, Editor's Choice, News

The Internet of Things (IoT) can help mitigate the consequences of load shedding, but paradoxically it could also be one of the biggest victims of the knock-on effects.
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From the editor's desk: Digital migration is finally happening – does anyone care?
31 March 2021, News

For those who have followed the saga of South Africa’s (non) migration to digital terrestrial television (DTT), many phrases might come to mind. Shambles. Disaster. Corruption. Government ineptitude. ...
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From the editor's desk: Should I stay or should I go?
26 February 2021, News

Observant readers will have noted that, for most of the latter half of last year, we stopped publishing our regular events column. There just didn’t seem much point when industry events were being cancelled ...
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