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From the editor’s desk: The continued relevance of Moore’s Law in the IoT age
26 May 2021, News, Editor's Choice

The end of Moore’s Law (which famously posits that the number of transistors in a dense IC doubles about every two years, assuming an optimal price/performance ratio) has repeatedly been predicted, yet ...
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From the editor's desk: Digital migration is finally happening – does anyone care?
31 March 2021, News

For those who have followed the saga of South Africa’s (non) migration to digital terrestrial television (DTT), many phrases might come to mind. Shambles. Disaster. Corruption. Government ineptitude. ...
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From the editor's desk: Should I stay or should I go?
26 February 2021, News

Observant readers will have noted that, for most of the latter half of last year, we stopped publishing our regular events column. There just didn’t seem much point when industry events were being cancelled ...
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From the editor’s desk: We’re still just circling the problem of e-waste
28 April 2021, News, Editor's Choice

Until we have many more recycling points and, ideally, weekly pickups like we do with paper recycling, most South Africans are probably just not going to bother.
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From the editor's desk: We must now gather nuts, not hibernate
EMP 2021 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, News

Throughout recorded history and across many cultures, winter has often been associated with misery, sorrow and death. And rightly so. Ever since biblical times, pestilence and plague have taken their ...
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From the editor's desk: Where monsters, viruses and technology meet
25 November 2020, News

I clearly remember the moment it really sank in that the world as we know it has become almost unrecognisable from a year ago. It would be hard not to remember really, because it happened only two days ...
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From the editor's desk: Electric and autonomous vehicles driving full-speed ahead
28 October 2020, News

I still can’t stop myself from doing a double-take when I hear that Tesla is rolling out a software update to add some sort of new functionality to its cars. Some of those updates are pointless show-off ...
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Seven tips for securing your home IT
28 October 2020

Paul Ducklin, principal research scientist at IT security company Sophos, offers some tips for keeping IoT devices and other connected computers secure at home.
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From the editor's desk: Enough of 2020 already
31 August 2020, News

Forgive me, but I don’t think I’m alone in being a bit all over the place mentally at the moment. So far, two of my colleagues have been diagnosed positive for COVID-19 and have fortunately recovered. ...
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From the guest editor's desk: Augmented reality: a new reality
30 September 2020, News

Augmented reality (AR) in various forms has been around for a while, an example is Pokemon, but its application on the factory floor is only now starting to take off. At the last Electra Mining Expo I ...
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From the editor's desk: This too shall pass
29 July 2020, News

Things were tough enough for the South African electronics manufacturing industry before, but this year has thrown up unprecedented challenges that nobody could have foreseen and which are outside of ...
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From the editor’s desk: Are electromagnetic waves culpable in making us sick?
30 June 2020, News

When I started writing my column for this issue, I was determined to come up with a topic and a way to avoid mentioning the ‘C’ word. I came close – you will only find ‘COVID-19’ mentioned once or twice ...
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