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ebm-papst expands AxiBlade fan range
26 June 2019, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

Axial fans, which are used in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems such as evaporators, condensers and heat pumps, must fulfil high requirements with regard to air flow, energy efficiency and noise. ...
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Compact fan for extreme conditions
27 March 2019, Circuit & System Protection

A new addition has been made to the 420J product range from ebm-papst. The tube-axial fans withstand temperatures down to -40°C and are now also available for 48 V d.c. voltage input, IP68 degree of ...
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Centrifugal fans for extreme applications
14 June 2017, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

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Quiet DC axial fan
7 September 2016, Circuit & System Protection

Reliable cooling of all components is essential for compact, highly integrated electronics in the fields of IT, telecommunication and network technology, as well as in inverters for the automation of ...
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DC axial fans
23 March 2016, Circuit & System Protection

To meet the demands placed on modern machinery due to high component density and the resulting problem of heat dissipation, ebm-papst has developed the 4300N high-performance fan. With the same air flow, ...
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Cooling fans for commercial vehicles
25 November 2015, Circuit & System Protection

Air conditioning is a major issue in the commercial vehicle industry, and the demand for especially designed fans in this segment is on the rise. In order to meet this demand, ebm-papst recently introduced ...
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Quietly efficient axial fans
10 June 2015, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

In addition to the required air flow, energy efficiency and noise emissions are crucial for fans in ventilation and air conditioning systems. To achieve design improvements, the overall fan system comprising ...
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Sound absorber for small centrifugal fans
10 June 2015, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

Since its introduction in 2014, ebm-papst’s FlowGrid has been helping ensure that high-performance cooling is not accompanied by high noise levels. Previously available only for larger axial and centrifugal ...
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ebm-papst rewarded for focus on efficiency
19 November 2014, Circuit & System Protection

On the surface, ebm-papst is a manufacturer of electrical fans and drives, but at the core of the company’s philosophy are the overarching themes of efficiency and sustainability. This fact has been recognised ...
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Fans to cool LED light housings
19 November 2014, Circuit & System Protection

ebm-papst has developed, in cooperation with LED light manufacturer Xicato, a range of fans that boast lifetimes in excess of 87 500 hours to improve the reliability of LED lights by keeping them consistently ...
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Moisture-proof motors
12 February 2003, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, Retail (Industry), Products

"Traditionally, water has been the natural enemy of anything electrical. Not any more." Says Andy Fischer, managing director of Ziehl-ebm SA. "Ziehl-ebm technology is now allowing electronic motors to ...
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Motorised fans for electronics cooling developed for local conditions
29 January 2003, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Ziehl-ebm Group, the world's largest supplier of motorised fans for the cooling of electronics focused upon the telecommunications and allied industries, has expertise in South Africa that can ...
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