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High-speed design seminar
22 November 2023, News

EDA Technologies has announced a comprehensive 4-day in-person course covering all aspects of the high-speed design process in collaboration with Chuck Corley.
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Webinar: High speed PCB design and manufacture
26 July 2023, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

In this webinar the complexities involved in designing high-speed PCBs, that are manufacturable and reliable, will be explored.
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Webinar series: PCB design
EMP 2023 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, News

EDA Technologies has been supporting the electronics industry for over 25 years with up-to-date knowledge on PCB design and manufacture, and to aid in helping design a PCB right the first time, EDA is offering free webinars for the month of February.
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Altium Designer 22.7 released
28 September 2022, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Altium has released version 22.7 of Altium Designer schematic and PCB layout software which focuses on commenting and secure repository management features.
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Webinar: How to use Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs
29 June 2022, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Attend a joint webinar by Altium and AT&S on various PCB design topics including designing with Rigid-Flex and flexible PCBs.
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Browser-based design viewer for Altium 365
27 October 2021, Design Automation

Complementing its professional-level Altium 365 cloud platform, Altium offers a simple and convenient way to view and share electronic designs through your browser. Schematics, PCB layout and 3D visualisation ...
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Complete guide to DIY SMT assembly in your office
31 March 2021, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Altium’s Mark Harris, the author of the above-titled article, explains it best in his intro:“I want to share a little secret with you in this article: assembling SMT prototypes boards is not only easy, ...
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Upcoming live webinars from Altium
26 February 2021, Events

Designing is stressful enough, you shouldn’t have to worry about procuring parts as well. Unfortunately, this is the reality for most of us, especially in today’s climate. Supplies and prices seem to ...
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Data management for successful PCB designs
25 November 2020, Design Automation

Effective PCB data management is a crucial, yet multi-faceted, part of the design process. The following articles by two experts from Altium highlight the challenges and importance of this topic.
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Multimedia: Saving time routing in Altium Designer 20
29 July 2020, Multimedia, Videos

Mark Ross is a long-time Altium Beta user and is Judy Warner’s guest in this OnTrack episode to share his insights and the value he gets from being a Beta user. He also chimes in on a long list of questions ...
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Embedding a 3D STEP model in a footprint
29 April 2020, Design Automation

Integrating mechanical design workflows into electrical design tools has become a necessary component of today’s successful PCB design processes. But transferring inaccurate design data back and forth ...
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