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The importance of test structures for multilayer PCBs
11 October 2017, Editor's Choice, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

As the number of layers in multilayer PCBs grow and the size of features become smaller and denser, the opportunities for a PCB to be built incorrectly grows exponentially. Traditional bare board PCB ...
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Readers invited to attend PCB design summit
13 September 2017, News

Altium has announced its first annual PCB design conference created to help engineers grow their design expertise and contribute to the advancement of the electronics design community. The AltiumLive ...
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Celebrating 20 years of disruptive electronics
19 July 2017, News

We use the term ‘disruptive technologies’ loosely these days, but actually disruptive technologies have been around forever, most notably since the invention of gun powder, motorised vehicles and, ...
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Designing for testability
19 April 2017, Design Automation

The overall cost to produce a completed printed circuit board (PCB) can be broken down into several basic categories: the cost of manufacturing the blank PCB, the cost of components, the assembly costs, ...
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Altium upgrades Vault to version 3.0
22 March 2017, Design Automation

Altium has launched an all-new version of its PCB component and design data management solution with Altium Vault 3.0, as a complement to its PCB design software Altium Designer 17. The firm says it ...
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Latest update release for Altium Designer
31 January 2017, Design Automation

Altium has launched Altium Designer 17, the latest version of its leading PCB design software. The highlights of this newest update are focused on giving designers several advanced new technologies ...
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Updates to PCB design and data management software
9 November 2016, Design Automation

In the midst of record user growth, Altium has announced the upcoming release of new PCB design and data management technologies in Altium Designer 17 and Altium Vault 3.0. These new technologies will ...
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Alternatives to Gerber RS-274X
5 October 2016, Design Automation, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Gerber RS-274X is the de facto standard format for printed circuit board (PCB) design software, being utilised for fabricating about 90% of all PCBs designed today worldwide. Yet despite its popularity, ...
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Altium update focused on documentation
13 July 2016, Design Automation

Altium announced the release of an update to its flagship PCB design platform, Altium Designer 16.1. With several new features that enhance design documentation and high-speed design workflows, the update ...
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Optimising PDNs can save design real estate and board layers – Part 2
18 May 2016, Design Automation

This is a continuation of an article, the first part of which ran in our previous issue.
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Optimising PDNs can save design real estate and board layers
20 April 2016, Design Automation

DC analysis of a power delivery network (PDN), commonly referred to as IR drop, DC power integrity or PI-DC, answers some fundamental questions that every digital (or analog) designer should ask and answer: ...
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PCB design intelligence avoids last-minute mistakes
23 March 2016, Editor's Choice, Design Automation

PCB designers today are dealing with an array of new challenges, including greater electronic and mechanical design complexity, tighter constraints and rules, and the need to stay on top of a fast-changing ...
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