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OTDR evaluates 20 000 km of submarine cables
22 November 2023, Test & Measurement

The MW90010B from Anritsu can evaluate up to 20 000 km of submarine cable, and has an easily selectable wavelength that covers the full C-band.
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Active remote 4G/5G monitoring
27 September 2023, Test & Measurement

Automation on the Nemo Active Probe allows technically adept personnel to focus on problem-solving and network development tasks instead of spending time in the field.
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Next generation eCall testing solutions
26 July 2023, Test & Measurement

With the evolution of cellular technologies and wide deployment of 4G and 5G, the Next Generation eCall (NG eCall) will ensure a much faster and reliable transfer of Minimum Set of Data (MSD).
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Supporting Wi-Fi 7 tests for wireless communications device production line
28 June 2023, Test & Measurement

The MT8870A/MT8872A has necessary test features for manufacturing inspection of various wireless communications equipment and modules, while also supporting all prior Wi-Fi TRX test standards (IEEE 802.11b/g/a/n/ac/ax).
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Collaboration to provide Open RAN test solutions
31 May 2023, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Anritsu Corporation has announced a strategic partnership with Spirent Communications that will play a key role in helping to configure an Open RAN ecosystem.
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Wi-Fi 7 performance testing and verification
31 May 2023, News

Anritsu Corporation and MediaTek Incorporated have successfully verified the performance and functions of MediaTek’s Filogic chip for IEEE802.11be WLAN, by testing RF characteristics with the network mode.
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Anritsu enhances signal analyser MS2840A function
31 May 2023, Test & Measurement

Adding new functions to the earlier MX284059A, this MX284059B release also supports new interlocked control of the USB Peak Power Sensor MA24406A/18A/40A for automatic high-accuracy transmission (Tx) power and pulse-width measurements.
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Anritsu introduces O-RAN radio unit test solution
26 April 2023, Test & Measurement

Anritsu Company has introduced the ORAN test platform MX772000PC and O-RAN Distributed Unit (O-DU) emulator platform software MX773000PC solution for efficient evaluation of O-RAN radio units (O-RUs).
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Anritsu extends 6G research
26 April 2023, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Anritsu Corporation has announced the extension of its 6G research activities to include new innovative research together with Aalborg University in Denmark.
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Frequency extender modules to bring best-in-class performance to sub-THz applications
29 March 2023, Test & Measurement

New modules for Anritsu Rubidium signal generators create a solution that provides industry’s broadest frequency coverage, with best signal purity and output power.
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Economical handheld spectrum analyser
28 February 2023, Test & Measurement

Anritsu introduces economical Field Master handheld spectrum analyser for general-purpose RF testing applications that balances price and performance.
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Anritsu facilitates 5G mmWave rollout
23 November 2022, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Anritsu has developed the new compact antenna test range Anechoic Chamber 2 MA8172B configuration for its new radio RF conformance test system ME7873NR to support 5G mmWave 2 Angle of Arrival radio resource management tests.
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