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Omnigo’s new Voltera V-One unlocks a world of innovation
28 September 2022, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

The Voltera V-One is an all-in-one solution for board fabrication that keeps a company’s development cycle secure and intellectual property completely in-house.
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Design for manufacturing
27 July 2022, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

In the highly competitive electronics manufacturing industry, every second or Rand saved can mean the difference between success and failure. DFM is the process of designing products or components to ease the manufacturing process, which will result in a cost or time saving and/or improve the quality, repeatability and consistency of a product.
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Omnigo offers high-precision manufacturing during challenging times
30 March 2022, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

“We pride ourselves on being a service-oriented business that is able to accommodate both clients who source materials themselves and those who leverage our expertise, supply chain networks and buying power.”
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Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink
27 October 2021, CZ Electronics Manufacturing, Deman Manufacturing, Jemstech, Editor's Choice

In light of the ongoing severe shortage of semiconductors globally, Dataweek asked a few local contract electronics manufacturers to share their experiences, but also for any positive spin they can give to the current state of affairs.
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Omnigo’s TestBench offers a reliable test base to meet a multitude of test requirements
27 October 2021, Editor's Choice

Ensuring that another product is ready to be part of our technologically driven world, functionally tested in an economical and timely manner.
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Strength to the tech industry despite the pandemic
31 March 2021, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

“Although the future seems uncertain, history has shown that through adversity, innovation flourishes. We remain cautiously optimistic about the future of this industry.”
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The benefits of outsourcing your product to an electronics manufacturing company
EMP 2021 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

The electronics manufacturing industry has evolved quite a lot over the last half a century. Fifty years ago, most large-scale production runs were handled in-house. When surface mount technology was ...
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Stability in turbulent times
28 October 2020, Editor's Choice

Omnigo’s Pieter de Nysschen discusses the importance of staying positive and motivated during these hard times when the whole world seems to have been turned upside down.
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Designing for military and defence applications
29 May 2020, News

No business can stand on its own without strong partnerships and stakeholder relationships. In this regard the military and defence industry is no exception.
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What differentiates EMS companies
EMP 2020 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, Editor's Choice, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

One of the major factors that differentiate electronics manufacturers from each other is the quality of the product that they deliver to the client and the time frame that they deliver the product within.
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3D printing and electronics manufacturing
23 October 2019, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

“The opportunities are endless and we are excited to see what the future holds for 3D printing and the electronics manufacturing industry.” – Christine Brindle, Omnigo
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EMS trends in 2018 and beyond
10 October 2018, Editor's Choice, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

The first nine months of the year have passed and it has become more apparent that Industry 4.0 and automation have been the leading trends so far.
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