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IPC standards: which ones you need to know
EMP Handbook 2015, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Nkoka Training, the only centre in Africa accredited by the IPC to give training courses on its behalf, tells you which standards certifications your organisation and its employees cannot do without.
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IPC-221B tackles new techniques and technologies
20 February 2013, News

As chip sizes shrink and system features and functions expand, board designers are increasingly challenged with recalling all the parameters and guidelines they need for every aspect of board layout. ...
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Update to wire harness assemblies standard
28 November 2012, News

The revision addresses more than 500 documented comments and recommendations from users throughout the industry and features 125 new or changed illustrations.
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Guidelines for potting and encapsulating boards
19 September 2012, News

IPC has released IPC-HDBK-850 ‘Guidelines for Design, Selection and Application of Potting Materials and Encapsulation Processes Used for Electronics Printed Circuit Board Assembly.’ The new handbook ...
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New solder paste printing standard
5 September 2012, News

The first IPC standard that originated outside the US, IPC-7527 ‘Requirements for Solder Paste Printing,’ is also the first standard ever developed that focuses on the application of one of the industry’s ...
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IPC, JPCA develop printed electronics standard
8 August 2012, News

One of the exciting opportunities afforded by printed electronics – the diversity of materials – has also been one of the greatest challenges impeding the industry’s growth.
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Data exchange standard on pack and packing materials
8 August 2012, News

IPC has released IPC-1758: ‘Declaration Requirements for Shipping, Pack and Packing Materials.’ This standard establishes the requirements for the exchange of information on the materials used to protect ...
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Guidelines for measuring PCB and component strain
11 July 2012, News

Revision A includes formulas for calculating strain and describes techniques for analysing data derived from these tests.
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IPC provides guidance on high speeds and fine lines
27 June 2012, News

Along with enabling the reach of higher frequencies, the revised standard focuses on improved dimensional stability, particularly for adhesiveless assemblies.
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Revised standard for flexible circuits
16 May 2012, News

IPC-2223C includes a new design tutorial with guidance on material selection, size and shape of fl ex circuits and fabrication allowances.
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Results from PCB technology trends study
16 May 2012, News

‘PCB Technology Trends 2011’, a new study published by IPC, shows how the demands of miniaturisation and high-speed technology are driving changes in printed circuit board (PCB) processes and materials. ...
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Update to SMD reliability standard
7 March 2012, News

With an expanded scope, the document now covers the handling, packing and shipping of non-IC electronic components
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