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High power phase control thyristors have improved energy and weight efficiency in power systems
30 May 2007, Power Electronics / Power Management

Westcode Semiconductors, an IXYS subsidiary, has launched a new 600 V thyristor range. These thyristors are encapsulated in Westcode's innovative low profile Wespack housings. Four current ratings are ...
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Linear power MOSFETs designed tougher
30 May 2007, Power Electronics / Power Management

IXYS has released a family of 500 V to 1200 V linear power MOSFETs, incorporating a proprietary cell-design that significantly improves ruggedness and power dissipation capabilities. These MOSFETs provide ...
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Family of micro-power Hall-effect switches
30 May 2007, Switches, Relays & Keypads

Micronix has introduced a family of micro-power Hall-effect switches. The new MX887P, MX887D, and MX887U are designed as reed switch replacements for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and automotive ...
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Low-side gate drivers for MOSFETs and IGBTs said to be rugged
18 April 2007, Power Electronics / Power Management

Ixys claims its new family of high performance low-side gate driver ICs raises the 'industry benchmark' for superior toughness and reliability. The new IXD_5XX family has been designed using the latest ...
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Power electronics company shows significant growth
4 April 2007, News

Just about a year ago, Mike King formed PHD Powerhouse, a specialist company in the power electronics industry. Having many years experience in the industry being involved in power semiconductors, cooling ...
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New mid-voltage power MOSFETs range has efficient design
4 April 2007, Power Electronics / Power Management

Ixys’ new family of 55 V to 100 V mid-voltage power MOSFETs incorporate a proprietary cell-design that significantly reduces on-resistance, enabling improved efficiency. Improvements in cell design ...
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Permanent-magnet AC contactors
4 April 2007, Circuit & System Protection

The ACR1 series permanent-magnet AC contactor is developed and manufactured by Andeli. This series of contactor is not only fairly quiet, but also designed to save energy. The ACR1 series is suitable ...
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55-100 V power MOSFETs have very low RDS(on)
7 March 2007, Power Electronics / Power Management

Ixys has developed a new platform of Power MOSFETs called TrenchMV, which cover the 55 V to 100 V range with currents ranging from 44 A to 280 A. These devices use Ixys' unique Trench MOSFET technology ...
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12-bit flux sensor for current sensing
7 March 2007, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

The Clare Micronix division of Ixys has developed a 12 bit digital output magnetic flux sensor, the MX868. This is a complete sampled data subsystem that includes a unique adjustable digital filter that ...
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