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Rugged COTS computer
2 May 2012, Computer/Embedded Technology

GE Intelligent Platforms’ CRS-C2P-3CC1 rugged COTS system is a packaged, pre-validated, two-slot control computer system fully integrated and ready to be deployed. It is available without non-recurring ...
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High-speed DAQ module
12 October 2011, Test & Measurement

Pentek has developed its fastest ever data acquisition module for its Cobalt family. The Model 71640 is capable of digitising one 12-bit channel at 3,6 GHz or two channels at 1,8 GHz, and has provisions ...
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Rugged CompactPCI systems
14 September 2011, Computer/Embedded Technology

GE Intelligent Platforms has added new 4-slot COTS rugged systems with either a Freescale or Intel processor to its CompactPCI lineup. They are designed for deployment in demanding control applications ...
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High-speed software radio module
13 April 2011, Computer/Embedded Technology

Pentek’s Model 5352 is a high-speed software radio module designed for processing baseband RF or IF signals from a communications receiver. It features four 200 MHz 16-bit A/D converters which are supported ...
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Software radio transceiver
19 January 2011, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Pentek’s Model 5341 is a software radio transceiver suitable for connection to HF or IF ports of a communications system. It features two A/D and two D/A converters, and is capable of bandwidths to 50 ...
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SDR receiver VPX board
13 October 2010, Computer/Embedded Technology

Pentek’s Model 5331 is a general-purpose, 16-channel multiband digital receiver 3U VPX board. It includes both a Virtex-II FPGA and two 14-bit A/Ds for signal processing and features built-in support ...
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Software radio interface for VPX
18 August 2010, Computer/Embedded Technology

Pentek’s Model 5342 is a multichannel, high-speed data converter suitable for connection to HF or IF ports of a communications system. It includes four A/Ds with one up-converter and D/A converter. The ...
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VPX and VXS: System-level development strategies - Part 2
21 July 2010, Computer/Embedded Technology

Part 1       The OpenVPX language for standardisation OpenVPX defined new nomenclature for systems to describe the Gigabit serial links in terms of the number of lanes and their function. The term ‘pipe’ ...
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VPX and VXS: System-level development strategies - Part 1
7 July 2010, Computer/Embedded Technology

As evolutionary enhancements to the venerable VMEbus, both VXS and VPX deliver significant improvements in data bandwidth, connectivity, power distribution and cooling. When VME was first introduced, ...
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