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A brief history of HBTs
24 November 2021, Electronics Technology

In 1947 the engineers at Bell Labs were tasked with developing a transistor. This development heralded the beginning of the semiconductor industry which changed the world forever. Transistors would have ...
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4-channel programmable attenuator
27 October 2021, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Mini-Circuits’ RC4DAT-8G-120H is a 4-channel programmable attenuator suitable for a wide range of signal-level control applications from 200 MHz to 8 GHz. Each independently controlled channel provides ...
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Multi-coax quick-turn microwave connectors
27 October 2021, Interconnection

Chinese RF and microwave connector, cable and adaptor manufacturer, Anoison, announced the release of the latest addition to its selection of RF and microwave products with the release of the PA-5 range ...
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Thermal management in high-performance RF and microwave PCBs
27 October 2021, Editor's Choice, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

One of the many roles that a PCB has to perform is to channel heat from the underside of semiconductor devices through to the chosen heatsinking scheme as efficiently and effectively as possible.
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Railway certified DC/DC converters
27 October 2021, Power Electronics / Power Management

The THN 30WIR is a series of DC/DC converters designed for the highest reliability in harsh environments. With an output power of 30 W, this series expands Traco Power’s portfolio of EN 50155 railway ...
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High-current feedthrough filters
29 September 2021, Circuit & System Protection

HPR Series feedthrough filters from NexTek are designed and built to provide rugged EMI filtering for high-current lines, no matter the application details or environmental requirements. These feedthrough ...
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RF-over-fibre transceiver for C- and X-band
29 September 2021, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Emcore has released the latest in its range of RF-over-fibre transceivers covering C-band through to X-Band. The MAKO-X C/X-Band transceiver is designed for high-speed fibre-optic communication applications ...
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Isolated RS-232 transceivers
29 September 2021, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Mornsun Power announced the release of its fourth generation of isolated RS-232 transceivers with the TD(H)541S232H and TD041S232H series in a DFN package, the company’s most cost-effective RS-232 transceiver ...
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Dual-channel capacitive isolators
25 August 2021, Circuit & System Protection

The SCM3721ASA and SCM3723ASA belong to a family of digital isolators based on unique capacitive pulse isolation technology. Capacitive pulse isolation is a new-generation digital isolator technology ...
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2-30 GHz medium-power amplifier
25 August 2021, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

The Mini-Circuits ZVA-02303HP+ is a coaxial, medium-power, wideband and high-gain amplifier operating from 2 GHz to 30 GHz. The model operates over a single positive supply range of +12 to +15 V, allowing ...
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1 A buck regulator with wide input range
25 August 2021, Power Electronics / Power Management

The SCM1301A step-down (buck) regulator is a new addition to Mornsun’s product lineup, with a very wide input range of 4,5 V to 40 V d.c. It is suitable for a wide range of applications from industrial ...
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Battery simulation test solution
25 August 2021, Test & Measurement

With the development of battery technology, battery weight and energy density are being further improved while their cost is reducing, making batteries widely used in new energy vehicles, photovoltaic ...
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