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Wideband amplifiers operating from 35 to 95 GHz
27 July 2022, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Mini-Circuits announced the expansion of lineup of connectorised high-frequency amplifiers to provide support even deeper into the e-band range.
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New power converter family from Traco
27 July 2022, Power Electronics / Power Management

Traco Power has announced the release of their new TMR 12WI converter family featuring isolated 12W DC/DC converter modules with regulated outputs.
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Traco TIB 240-EX ATEX certified power supply
27 July 2022, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

The u-blox SAM-M10Q antenna module is tailored to the needs of applications such as industrial tracking and telematics, automation and monitoring and small UAVs.
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350 W switching power supply
29 June 2022, Power Electronics / Power Management

The LMF350-23BxxUH series from Mornsun is an enclosed, fanless AC-DC switching power supply which is suitable for industrial and outdoor use.
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40 GHz RF power sensor
30 May 2022, Test & Measurement

Mini-Circuits’ PWR-40PW-RC is a USB/Ethernet-controlled power sensor capable of making many different measurements.
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Compact uninterruptible DC power supply
30 May 2022, Power Electronics / Power Management

Traco Power’s new 240 W UPS module is suited to demanding industrial applications needing a stable source of power.
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USB-attachable vector network analyser
26 April 2022, Test & Measurement

Mini-Circuits announced the release of its new eVNA-63, a high-quality and affordable test instrument with a bandwidth from 300 kHz to 6 GHz. The unit has a typical dynamic range of 132 dB, a trace noise ...
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Quadband GPRS and GPS module
24 November 2021, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Conical Technologies is now a local distributor for AI-Thinker, the original equipment manufacturer of the popular and trusted A9G quad-band GPRS and GPS module for IoT and tracking solutions worldwide.  The ...
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480 W DIN-rail power supplies
28 February 2022, Power Electronics / Power Management

LIF480-10BxxR2 is a Mornsun AC-DC converter series representing a cost-effective, energy-efficient power supply solution for standard DIN-rail mounting. The products offer a high level of stability and ...
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Electronic component shortages for 2022 and beyond
28 February 2022, Editor's Choice, News

The best solution for the next two to three years is for programme managers to plan much further ahead and for stock buyers to ensure orders are placed well in advance.
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A brief history of HBTs
24 November 2021, Electronics Technology

In 1947 the engineers at Bell Labs were tasked with developing a transistor. This development heralded the beginning of the semiconductor industry which changed the world forever. Transistors would have ...
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Single-output voltage regulators
24 November 2021, Power Electronics / Power Management

Mornsun has released the new K78xx-500R3 series of high-efficiency switching regulators, touted as an ideal substitute for LM78xx series three-terminal linear regulators, with pin-out compatibility. The ...
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