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Fit-for-purpose solar cables
19 April 2017, Interconnection

Specialist cable manufacturer, Helukabel, has invested considerable resources in the development of a comprehensive range of cables and accessories exclusively for solar energy applications. This has ...
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Control cables with numbered cores
22 March 2017, Interconnection

Equipment and machinery installations using the latest cabling technologies from Helukabel can contribute to the ease of installation and overall success of a project. A good example of this is the company’s ...
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How to tell category data cables apart
31 January 2017, Interconnection

Customers often ask about data cable categories and what they mean. For many end users, engineers and purchasing agents, who don’t work with these types of cables on a daily basis, the different categories ...
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Servo cable carries power and signals
25 February 2015, Interconnection

Helukabel has developed a hybrid cable that simplifies the operation and movement of drives by allowing both power and data to be transmitted via a single cable. The polyurethane-jacketed Topserv Hybrid ...
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Cabling for renewable energy installations
18 September 2013, Interconnection

German cable manufacturer Helukabel is experiencing strong demand in South Africa for its cabling solutions in local renewable energy projects, according to the local subsidiary. According to managing ...
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