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Molex-Connector & Interconnect Div.
Tel: +44 1252 720 720
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1,25 mm pitch connector
10 October 2018, Interconnection

Molex introduced improvements to its PicoBlade connector to meet the growing needs in the consumer, healthcare and industrial markets for a secure connection in rugged applications. The 1,25 mm pitch ...

Evolution of home technology from connected to proactive
16 May 2018, Electronics Technology

The idea of ‘home’ has evolved greatly over the millennia. Over the last decades, technology has transformed homes into hubs of functionality – centres of entertainment, environmental management, work, ...

Low-loss coax microwave cable
9 November 2016, Interconnection

Molex has introduced a Temp-Flex foam-core, ultra-low-loss coaxial microwave cable, which combines space savings with an effective dielectric that eliminates ‘phase knee’ and provides ease of termination. ...

Multi-fibre optical assemblies
25 February 2015, Interconnection

Molex has introduced hermetically sealed, multi-fibre circular MT optical assemblies, ideal for when system reliability is required in extreme environments, including severe weather conditions, high altitudes ...

Fibre connectors for military applications
25 February 2015, Interconnection

Molex’s newly launched VersaBeam MT interconnects address demand for reliable optical connectivity in extreme performance defence applications, delivering excellent optical data performance in high-density ...

Profinet digital I/O modules
8 October 2014, Computer/Embedded Technology

Molex has released a new Ethernet version of its Brad HarshIO compact 30 mm modules. Designed to provide industrial fieldbus connectivity for Profinet, the new modules offer a cost-effective, IP67-rated, ...

EMI absorbing tape and sheets
8 October 2014, Circuit & System Protection

Molex recently launched its innovative HOZOX electromagnetic interference (EMI) absorption tape and sheets, ideally suited for manufacturers of high-frequency equipment in multiple industries, including ...

MEMS technology driving FPC connector miniaturisation
17 September 2014, Interconnection

Beyond IC development, this technology is also creating interesting off-shoot applications, such as in the production of flexible printed circuit connectors.

Prewired LED array holder
16 July 2014, Interconnection

Molex has released details about an innovative LED array holding concept for LED lighting manufacturers using chip-on-board (COB) technology. Given that a key design challenge for high-performance LED ...

19 February 2014, News

Molex will showcase a selected range of its broad product portfolio including the following highlights: Brad M12, designed to withstand harsh industrial and weather environments with quality that assures ...

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