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Ask your PCB supplier about reliability, not just capability
28 October 2020, Editor's Choice, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Make sure to discuss combinations and how your solution affects risk of failure with the multiple heat cycles required to assemble the product, and the risk of failure in the final application.
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Medical device PCB standard reaches new milestone
29 July 2020, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Recently the IPC 6012 ‘Medical Device Addendum’ reached a new milestone, passing the ballot after industry review. “We are extremely content with this step forward, moving us closer to industry launch. ...
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Elmatica CEO to vice chair IPC cybersecurity task group
30 June 2020, News

Didrik Bech, CEO of printed circuit broker Elmatica, has been appointed to serve as vice chair for IPC’s new cybersecurity task group. The 2-12c Task Group leadership is a representation of IPC as an ...
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Elmatica’s SA seminars on PCB design a success
29 May 2020, News

During March, just weeks before COVID-19 resulted in South Africa going into lockdown, Elmatica held several seminars in the country, to get closer to and educate the local industry on printed circuit ...
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SAAB Avionics approves Elmatica auditor for PCB subcontractors
29 January 2020, News

Expanding on its international relationship with SAAB Avionics, printed circuit board supplier Elmatica’s Jan Pedersen successfully completed the Part 21, Subpart G training, regarding auditing of printed ...
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All in space is not rocket science
31 July 2019, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Elmatica, a Norwegian printed circuit board (PCB) broker that established an office in South Africa last year, has assisted a newcomer to the space satellite scene to put its satellites into space.
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