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Energizer gives Just Batteries the nod
13 November 2013, News

Just Batteries has been appointed by Energizer as a duly authorised manufacturer of industrial battery packs comprising of Energizer products, and to carry out distribution of Energizer batteries in industrial applications.

Just Batteries’ national sales manager, Gary Chapman, says he is particularly excited about the development since Energizer is, according to the latest retail data collected, read and analysed by Aztec South Africa, the number one selling rechargeable battery both in South Africa and internationally.

“Just Batteries has always strived to offer its customers high-end products at a competitive price and the venture between Energizer and Just Batteries provides an excellent example of this commitment by the company to supply only the best to its customers. We are thrilled to be able to offer this outstanding product range to our customers,” he stated.

According to Chapman, Energizer products not only offer superior performance but also provide a technical advantage thanks to the company’s team of engineering specialists in the USA, who are able to study a specific operating environment and recommend the best suited technology for the application.

This is complemented by the local expertise offered by Just Batteries’ more than 40 personnel and daily production capacity upwards of 1000 battery packs. “Selecting an Energizer product also provides added peace of mind knowing that the technical infrastructure is available in the unlikely event of battery problems,” Chapman said.

Just Batteries’ commitment to the growth and development of the company and the country as a whole was recognised when it was recently awarded a level 5 BBBEE rating. “All production activities are done locally,” Chapman explained. “This way we are able to both employ South Africans and develop local skills. We have set our sights on a level 4 BBBEE rating for 2014.”

Energizer has a wide variety of chemistries available, of which its 1,5 V lithium iron disulphide (Li/FeS2) cell offers unrivalled capacity and durability, according to Chapman. “We have been using this system in a number of industrial applications over the past two years and the level of performance is phenomenal,” he said.

The technology behind this product provides an operating temperature range of -40°C to +60°C, a maximum continuous discharge of 2 A and a shelf life of 15 years. One of the biggest advantages of this system is its almost nonexistent passivation.

Supplied By: Just Batteries
Tel: +27 11 023 8846
Fax: +27 11 421 7986
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