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13 November 2013

  SA gets the smarts
CZ Electronics Manufacturing, News

South Africa is on the cusp of launching its own locally made smartphone and tablet in early 2014. Dataweek spoke to Sagran Pillay, CEO of CZ Electronics Manufacturing (the company manufacturing the devices) about the impact these products are expected to have on the local market.

  Clean bill of health for Sentech

The clean audit (Sentech’s first such in over a decade) for the 2012/13 financial year was certified by independent external auditors.

  Products of the Year

We take a look back at some of the most innovative electronic components and technologies unveiled during 2013.

  Carrim drafts DoC strategy through 2014 elections

Broad themes identified in the draft strategy include achieving a more effective DoC through the filling of critical vacant posts and ensuring the department functions in a more consensual way with ICT stakeholders and is more sensitive to the needs of consumers.

  Locally made antennas to go supersonic
Poynting Antennas, News

South African wireless antenna specialist Poynting has been selected to design and build antennas for the Bloodhound SCC, a UK-built supersonic car that will attempt to beat the current world land-speed record.

  Expanding Turkish manufacturing sector covets SA market

Representatives from 15 Turkish companies attended meetings in Sandton organised by the Istanbul Electrical–Electronics, Machinery and Information Technology Exporter's Association.

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