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Barcode labels in a screen printer
14 June 2017, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Surface mount screen printing specialist Speedprint Technologies announced the European launch of its award-winning S-Track system at SMT Nuremberg in May. S-Track is a sophisticated barcode traceability package integrated into Speedprint’s SP710 printer platform – an industry first in featuring pick and place technology inside a screen printer.

S-Track introduces the benefits of traceability earlier, one process step upstream from the placement machine, by allowing the placement of barcode labels on boards while they are still in the printer – right at the start of surface mount assembly. It deploys a label feeder within the printer’s architecture to allow an unlimited number of pre-printed barcode labels to be positioned on the board in an unlimited number of locations. The package also provides automated barcode reading and includes Speedprint’s Traceability Option software, allowing users to scan barcodes to recall all the process data related to that board – including those once part of a panelised PCB.

The proven label feeder technology, used widely in the component placement sector, provides the same functionality and operational convenience found in pick and place machines, with quick-change nozzles for different label styles and sizes, and precise positioning for location accuracy. Labels can be oriented through 90 degrees to fit around PCB features. For panelised PCBs, S-Track users can affix a label to each board in the panel and take advantage of incremental indexing of barcode data to distinguish and track each board after depanelling further downstream. This enables complete end-to-end traceability across an SMT assembly line.

Taking traceability automation further, S-Track scans barcodes directly after placement and saves that data to the SPC database. Any label that fails to read accurately is immediately replaced. S-Track’s high-speed scanning head can read 1D, 2D and laser-etched barcode markings.

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