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Durable board-to-board connectors
18 July 2018, Interconnection

The Archer range from Harwin is a series of 1,27 mm pitch connectors, offering single- and double-row options at half the PCB footprint of a 2,54 mm pitch connector.

Included in the range is the Archer Kontrol family, available in a choice of orientations and mating heights, which add a tougher option. Due to the fully shrouded design, these connectors are suited for blind-mating applications. They can withstand lateral and twisting forces, and tolerate a significant amount of misalignment.

Featuring a current rating of 1,2 A per contact, Archer Kontrol is available in vertical and horizontal options in both male and female connectors, providing board-to-board connection for parallel/mezzanine, motherboard to daughterboard, or coplanar/edge-to-edge PCB layouts. Variable stacking height options are provided, with multiple connector sizes in both genders.

The connectors have enhanced durability of 500 mating cycles minimum, and offer additional strain relief with retaining SMT tabs. Supplied in tape and reel, with pick-and-place caps where required, they can operate across the extended temperature range of -55°C to +125°C.

Relevant applications include drives and controls, data-loggers, IoT installations, vehicle control systems, trackside monitoring equipment and large-scale factory installations.

Supplied By: TRX Electronics
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