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Company profile: Proactive Marketing Sales
29 January 2014, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, News

Proactive Marketing Sales (PMS) – a Johannesburg-based provider of turnkey project management solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry – was founded on 1 April, 2004 by Karin Chewins, who a year later took on Lesley Bebbington as a business partner.

The company started life sharing space in a small factory in Spartan on the East Rand, before moving into office space in Moddercrest Office Park in Modderfontein. The company soon reached the point where the turnkey solutions it was providing meant that yet more space and a factory area were needed, necessitating another relocation, into Modderfontein’s Pinelands Office Park where it resides to this day.

Having grown from an initial staff complement of just three, PMS currently employs 20 people and has expanded its factory with a mezzanine level which created an additional 400 m² of space.

Staying true to its claim of offering an absolute turnkey solution, the company takes care of everything from electronic manufacturing to the supply of metalwork, ribbon cables, nuts, bolts, testing, programming and integration, as well as packaging and tracking of shipments to various countries in Africa and overseas.

It also manages warehousing and stock control for its clients and assists with their production planning. This is in addition to working with printed circuit board designers as well as design engineers, and assisting clients with prototype development as well as test jig solutions.

PMS targets its offerings at companies without the capacity to manage their own production requirements in full, and serves both the commercial and military markets. Its customers include a leading telecoms monitoring company for which it manufactures, warehouses and manages stock, packages and distributes. The company has distributed more than 30 000 systems locally and into Africa, consisting of various printed circuit boards and peripherals.

With its tenth anniversary just a couple of months away, Bebbington commented on the evolution of PMS by saying “it has been an awesome road and we have had amazing support from our clients and suppliers which has helped us to grow to the successful company that we are today. We are forever grateful. Who could believe: 10 years with PMS and still going strong…”

For more information contact Proactive Marketing Sales, +27 (0)84 840 1197,,

Supplied By: Proactive Manufacturing Solutions
Tel: 087 160 0398
Fax: +27 11 608 0585
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