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Design Automation

Osram selects global EDA platform
25 April 2001, ASIC Design Services

Innoveda has announced that Osram, an international producer of lamps and electronic control devices, is standardising on the Innoveda EDA environment for PCB design. Osram's decision follows successful ...

Embedded Internet TCP/IP for the 8051
25 April 2001, Sivan Electronic Supplies

Ceibo is offering TCP/IP development tools that allow Internet connection for peripherals with standard 8051 microcontroller families. This suits a variety of applications such as alarm systems, vending ...

Configurable memory systems for MCUs
11 April 2001

STMicroelectronics offers free software to configure and program programmable system devices (PSDs). PSDExpress can be downloaded from website The package now supports all the PSD devices. ...

The Mathworks delivers the Developer's Kit for Texas Instruments' DSP
11 April 2001, Opti-Num Solutions

The MathWorks, represented in South Africa by Opti-Num solutions, is offering the Developer's Kit for Texas Instruments' digital signal processing (DSP). The result of a collaboration announced in 2000, ...

PCB layout system includes board fabrication checking
11 April 2001, ASIC Design Services

Innoveda is offering an enhanced version of its popular PowerPCB printed circuit board layout system that incorporates the powerful CAM350 DFF (design for fabrication) Audit module for board fabrication ...

Development board for Philips 80C51 micros
28 March 2001, Sivan Electronic Supplies

The Minister of Education has stated that South Africa needs to improve on its technical skills to be able to compete in the world market. According to Sivan Electronic Supplies, one way to do this is ...

Development package now includes PICC Lite C compiler
28 March 2001, Avnet South Africa, Tempe Technologies

Microchip's PICStart Plus programmer kit now includes the PICC Lite C compiler for the PIC16F84A flash microcontroller. The PICC Lite ANSI-C compiler is an ideal teaching for anyone wishing to learn C ...

Development system for Temic microcontrollers
28 March 2001, Sivan Electronic Supplies

Ceibo's FE-51RD2 is a development tool that supports Temic Semiconductor's 89C51RD2 microcontrollers at any frequency allowed by the devices. It is serially linked to a PC and can emulate the microcontrollers ...

Software enhances electrical analysis for wire harness designs
28 March 2001

Mentor Graphics has released the DC Analyzer, a circuit analysis and visualisation software tool that expands the electrical analysis capabilities of its logical cable (LCable) wire harness design product ...

Tool with SPICE co-simulation performs crosstalk analysis of PCB connectors and packages
14 March 2001, ASIC Design Services

Innoveda has demonstrated its XTK with SPICE co-simulation which enables analysis of crosstalk between connectors and packages on printed circuit boards. Innoveda has also rolled out the latest version ...

C compiler tools
14 February 2001

Climax Electronics offers a range of low-cost C compilers for the Motorola HC11/12 and the Atmel AVR microcontrollers, including the ATTINY series and the Atmel FPSLIC (field programmable system level ...

HDL and system-level design integrated into one tool
14 February 2001, ASIC Design Services

Innoveda is now offering Visual Elite, an advanced HDL and system-level design tool that supports C/C++, VHDL and Verilog modelling with a new state-of-the-art graphical user interface (GUI) and multi-language ...

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