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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017


Image sensor for human recognition
21 February 2018, Electrocomp Express

The B5T-007001-010 from Omron Electronic Components is an approximately 50° long-distance type human vision components (HVC-P2) system. The image-sensing unit can recognise human facial expression, gender, ...

How to build a dimmable lamp with four LEDs
31 January 2018, Tempe Technologies

Custom colour temperature lighting can be obtained by mixing the outputs of four individual white LEDs with different parameters. This can be used to build a dimmable lamp with a particular colour temperature ...

Low-profile light pipe
31 January 2018, Mimic Components

VCC has developed a rigid light pipe that delivers bright, focused light and eliminates glare and shadowing. The LPCR series features a low-profile Fresnel lens that offers a 160 degree viewing angle. Ideal ...

Reflective sensor immune to ambient light
31 January 2018, TRX Electronics

Factory calibrated to offer plug-and-play detection, it can be re-calibrated in a matter of milliseconds with a single command for specific application requirements. This self-calibration feature eliminates ...

Dimmable LED driver
15 November 2017, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD), Power Electronics / Power Management

The AL1673 from Diodes Incorporated is a high-performance, single-stage LED driver-converter operating in flyback and buck-boost topologies, targeting dimmable LED lighting applications. It operates in ...

Reflective sensor immune to ambient light
15 November 2017, TRX Electronics

The OPB9000 from TT Electronics is a reflective, CMOS logic output sensor with programmable sensitivity, output polarity, and drain select. The sensor features 25+ kilolux ambient light immunity along ...

Tri-stimulus colour sensor
15 November 2017, Future Electronics

ams introduced the AS7264N, a tri-stimulus sensor which provides measurements of colour that closely match the human eye’s response to the visible light spectrum. It also accurately measures blue-light ...

TI squeezes 1 million pixels into car headlights
15 November 2017, EBV Electrolink

Texas Instruments unveiled state-of-the-art DLP technology for high-resolution headlight systems at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The new DLP chipset is the only offering on the market ...

DLP display evaluation module
11 October 2017, EBV Electrolink, Design Automation

Texas Instruments has opened the door for developers to implement high-performing DLP (Digital Light Processing) display technology with virtually any low-cost processor. The new 0,2” DLP2000 chipset ...

LEDs for lighting
13 September 2017, RS Components (SA)

Three new series of second-generation Cree LEDS are now available from RS Components. They target design engineers and are suitable for a diverse range of lighting applications including spot, street, ...

Zhaga LED driver spec updated
16 August 2017

The Zhaga Consortium, a global association of lighting companies that is standardising interfaces of components of LED luminaires, has published a significantly updated version of its interface specification ...

Proximity and ambient light sensor
16 August 2017, EBV Electrolink

The Optoelectronics group of Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new high-sensitivity proximity and ambient light sensor that combines long distance proximity detection up to 1,5 m with the company’s ...

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