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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

  From the editor's desk: Tech entrepreneur vs. electronic engineer
Technews Publishing, News

I was fortunate to be invited to a business breakfast hosted by AREI (Association of Representatives for the Electronics Industry) at which the guest speaker was renowned businessman and entrepreneur, ...

  Enhanced interference hunting solution
Concilium Technologies, Test & Measurement

Viavi Solutions recently announced enhancements to its InterferenceAdvisor solution that will further simplify the process of interference hunting, especially for LTE-TDD networks. The updates will also ...

  PXI remote control and bus extension modules
National Instruments, Test & Measurement

National Instruments announced the release of a new family of high-performance PXI remote control and bus extension modules with PCI Express Gen 3 connectivity. PCI Express Gen 3 technology delivers increased ...

  Touchscreen technologies – comparisons and advantages
Centurion Micro Electronics, Computer/Embedded Technology

If you use a smartphone you are using a touchscreen. Many shopping centres have touchscreen information displays. Touchscreens in industry and on desktops are also becoming more common. What are the technologies ...

  New Microchip in-circuit debugger
Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD), Design Automation

Microchip has released the MPLAB ICD 4, an in-circuit programming and debugging development tool for its PIC microcontroller and dsPIC digital signal controller portfolios.It includes all the features ...

  Air quality evaluation board
TRX Electronics, Design Automation

The AAS-AQS-UNO engineering evaluation board from Amphenol Advanced Sensors is used to evaluate the Telaire air quality sensors. It can support T9602 temperature and humidity sensors, T6713 carbon dioxide ...

  ESD protection array for high-speed data lines
Hi-Q Electronics, Circuit & System Protection

Taiwan Semiconductor has introduced a new ultra low capacitance ESD protection device designed to protect high-speed data interfaces. Housed in a 2510P10 (DSON10) package with a flow-through design, ...

  High-temperature MOVs
Electrocomp, Circuit & System Protection

TDK has introduced leaded EPCOS metal oxide disk varistors which have now been approved for an increased operating temperature of 105°C (previously 85°C). The reason for this is the recertification ...

  Smart antenna GNSS modules
Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD), Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless

Arrow Altech Distribution has announced the availability of a new, ultra-slim family of smart antenna GNSS (global navigation satellite system) receiver modules introduced by Telit. According to Arrow ...

  Broadband frequency doubler
RF Design, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless

Custom MMIC announces a new edition to its lineup of high performance MMIC doublers, the CMD226N3 broadband frequency doubler covering an input frequency of 7 GHz to 11 GHz (C-,X, input; Ku- and K-band ...

  Choosing the right SLA battery for the right job
Forbatt SA, Power Electronics / Power Management

Not all batteries are created equal, and just as you would choose a suitable tyre for your car, it is important to choose a correct and suitable battery for your equipment or device.

  25 Watt AC-DC PSU module
ICORP Technologies, Power Electronics / Power Management

Archcorp released the new AFD25 series of AC-DC converter modules delivering 25 Watts of output power in a 52,5 x 27,5 x 23,5 mm package. It can be ordered with different output voltages such as 5 V, ...

  Industrial power capacitors
Electrocomp, Passive Components

TDK has significantly extended its range of EPCOS single-phase power capacitors for industrial electronics. The capacitors of series B32370* through B32374* are designed for rated AC voltages of between ...

  Utility and USB boxes
Sivan Electronic Supplies, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

Gainta’s G19XX series of utility boxes and USB boxes come in a range of materials and a variety of designs to meet an array of application requirements. The G1901G/G1901C and G1911G/G1911C are ideally ...

  Custom aluminium cases
Conical Technologies, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

Taking advantage of the tougher, lighter and more resilient characteristics of aluminium cases over traditional designs in laminated plywood, CP Cases’ AluCurve range is constructed without an edge corner ...


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