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Atmel broadens MCU portfolio
16 May 2012, DSP, Micros & Memory

Atmel announced 14 new devices in its AVR microcontroller (MCU) family, providing more options to meet unique design requirements. Adding more memory, connectivity peripherals and system integration, the newest devices support a broad array of application areas including consumer electronics, capacitive touch, utility metering, home automation and medical.

All devices in the portfolio are designed for low power consumption using picoPower technology, operating down to 1,62 V while maintaining all functionality and short wake-up times.

New AVR devices include:

XMEGA C MCUs: 8-/16-bit general-purpose MCUs with Full-Speed USB, these devices deliver the product line’s highest Flash and SRAM memory densities as well as the largest 8-bit MCU on the market with up to 384 KB Flash and up to 32 KB of SRAM. The eight new devices available are ideal for consumer, industrial and home automation applications.

tinyAVR ATtiny1634 MCUs: Small-package, ultra-low power devices, the ATtiny 1634 MCUs feature multiple easy-to-use digital interfacing options – including more communication interfaces than existing devices in the product line – and up to 16 KB Flash memory. This new device is well suited for interfacing and control in industrial and consumer applications.

UC3 L3 MCUs: These MCUs feature ultra-low power consumption and more Flash memory, integrated USB controller, I²S support, audio bit-stream digital-to-analog converter (ABDAC) and package options with more pins. With the three new devices available, designers can now implement more advanced algorithms requiring more memory in their low-power applications, such as consumer products.

UC3 D4 MCUs: Low-power, feature-rich, entry-level 32-bit MCUs, the AVR UC3 D4 devices offer enhanced performance and rich features, including a hardware-based QTouch capacitive touch interface and Full-Speed USB. The two new devices available are ideal for high data throughput applications in areas such as USB human interface, biometrics, bridging and industrial control.

All Atmel AVR MCUs are supported by the company’s new Atmel Studio 6 integrated development environment, which now also supports Atmel ARM Cortex-M processor-based MCUs. With more than 1000 project examples with source code, design engineers can eliminate most of the low-level coding in their designs, achieving faster time to market.

For more information contact EBV Electrolink, +27 (0)21 402 1940,,

Supplied By: EBV Electrolink
Tel: +27 11 236 1900
Fax: +27 11 236 1913
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