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High-speed DDR4 SDRAMs

29 April 2020 DSP, Micros & Memory

Alliance Memory has expanded its product offering with a new line of high-speed CMOS DDR4 SDRAMs. For improved performance over previous-generation DDR3 devices, the 4 GB AS4C256M16D4 and AS4C512M8D4 offer lower power consumption and faster data transfer rates in 96-ball and 78-ball FBGA packages.

Compared to DDR3 SDRAMs, the devices reduce operating voltages from 1,5 V to +1,2 V (±0,06 V) to increase battery life in portable electronics such as notebook computers, smartphones and tablets. For increased efficiency and performance in desktop computers and servers, the 256 MB x 16-bit AS4C256M16D4 and 512 MB x 8-bit AS4C512M8D4 offer up to 16 memory banks and deliver faster clock speeds to 1333 MHz for extremely high transfer rates of 2400 Mbps/pin (1200 MHz) and 2666 Mbps/pin (1333 MHz).

With minimal die shrinks, the DDR4 SDRAMs provide reliable drop-in, pin-for-pin-compatible replacements for numerous similar solutions – eliminating the need for costly redesigns and part requalification. Offered in commercial and industrial temperature ranges, the devices are ideal for the industrial, medical, IoT, automotive, gaming and consumer markets.


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