Clearing the Static: Safe storage and transportation of components

29 May 2020 News

During product transportation or storage, humidity can lead to excessive moisture inside of packaging, which can potentially damage electronic components by causing corrosion and mould-attack. Apart from effective static control within the workshop, safe transportation and storage are often neglected. Desiccant bags absorb moisture inside of sealed packaging and will safeguard products during transportation or storage.

Container Dri bag

Container Dri bags are made up of a mixture of calcium chloride, clay and breathable fabric; which is vital in situations where the bag could tear. This desiccant provides effective condensation protection in containers and unit loads, especially in maritime storage and coastal transportation. It lasts for a period of up to six weeks and conforms to the DIN 55473 standard.

Greg Barron.

Micro clay desiccant bags

Clay desiccants consist of high-density polyethylene fibres and dry clay granules. It is moisture permeable and dust-free. These desiccants are ideal for electronics, pharmaceutical, chemicals and automotive to name a few. Due to its adsorption properties and to its cost-effectiveness, clay is a good alternative to silica gel. Conforms to DIN 55 473 and MIL-D-3464E standards.

Shipping indicators

Tip-n-Tell and Drop-n-Tell shipping incident and mechanical impact indicators detect all shipping irregularities without fail. If your shipping cartons need to be kept upright, this product is ideal.

Through our static control division, Altico, Actum Group specialises in ESD control within the working environment.

Contact us on +27 11 608 3001 or to enquire about our static control and packaging solutions.


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