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DDZ embarks on new venture

29 July 2020 Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Within the three years that DDZ Technologies made its move to its then new premises, it has outgrown them once again, and made the call to move to a new 1300 square metre building, more than double the previous space. The company is now located at 95 Park Avenue, Unit 1, Highway Business Park, Centurion.

“Moving to the new premises was not an easy task as we had to move during the lockdown period,” explains owner Dirk Du Preez. “This made it extremely difficult as we had to operate between two premises, but commitments were already made concerning new equipment and the new premises, so the move was inevitable. Nonetheless we are fully operational in our new building and we are starting to make it our own. The Covid 19 pandemic has been an unsure time for all of us, but we at DDZ have committed to the upgrades and we are excited for what’s to come.”

DDZ needed a much bigger space for its new production lines, and with these in place it can streamline the entire production process and cater to a broader client base. The company has thus substantially increased its capacity.

The newly installed equipment consists of the following:

• A 6-module Fuji NXT1 Line (set up as 4 x M3 and 2 x M6 modules and tray changer), complete with all the automated peripherals, including an inline TRI AOI machine. This line is more than capable of placing up to 40 000 components per hour, with extreme accuracy and consistency.

• A 6-module Fuji NXT3 line (set up as 6 x M6 modules and tray changer). This line is also completely automated with all the necessary peripherals. Placement capacity is up to 130 000 components per hour, also with the great accuracy expected from these high-tech machines.

• The above lines are both complemented by the Fuji Trax system, ensuring correct components get loaded during high-volume production.

“The new lines will be DDZ’s star of the show and we look forward to having it run day and night very soon, kicking up production and proving what DDZ can do. It is also very important not to forget our smaller and medium sized customers, and therefore we have not removed any of our previous equipment.

“Our Autotronik and Juki Lines are still in place, and ready to produce. These have proven over the last three to four years that we are able to produce any job that comes our way.

“Our big runs of work are never a given, but now with more space and new and improved equipment, we can ensure our customers exceptional service and we are excited to take on new contracts and establish even greater relationships with all of our existing and possible new clients.

“Lastly, we would like to announce that in order to keep up with the times and ever-growing technology, DDZ is in the process of rebranding, so be on the lookout for our new brand identity launching soon,” Du Preez concludes.


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