Like Star Wars, Samtec moves on a journey

31 August 2020 Interconnection

The journey never ends ... or maybe it does – maybe?!?! That thought definitely applies to Star Wars fans. Why? 21 February 2020 marked the launch date of Season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series on Disney+.

For Star Wars fans at Samtec, many are anxious to see what happens next. Of course, we know what happens to Anakin and Obi-Wan, but what about Ashoka and Maul? Who wins their lightsabre duel? I guess we’ll have to find out.

Isn’t this the Samtec blog? Yes, of course. Why is there a Star Wars reference here? Well ... I like Star Wars ... and Samtec. There is a common bond here.

Samtec offers a range of evaluation and development kits.

Samtec’s never-ending journey?

Star Wars started what may be a never-ending journey more than 40 years ago. Samtec started a new journey just a few years ago. What was that you may wonder? Designing and developing its own evaluation and development kits. What started with just a few development kits has blossomed into dozens of solutions available. Due to Samtec’s robust new product releases, every new interconnect solution comes with its own evaluation platform.

Additionally, its ‘Kits’ landing page – – has been recently updated. Instead of having one long scrolling page, several sub-pages have been added to ease navigation and kit organisation.

28 Gbps FireFly evaluation kit.

The kits are now organised into four types:

• SI evaluation kits: board-to-board.

• SI evaluation kits: cable.

• Optics/FPGA kits.

• Component kits.

Readers are encouraged to visit the site frequently, as Samtec is always adding new kits. A recent example is the new 28 Gbps FireFly evaluation kit as illustrated. It also has new solutions under development for Bulls Eye, NovaRay, AcceleRate HD and AcceleRate HP.


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