Modify a connector? It may be easier than you think

30 September 2020 Interconnection

It happens all the time. We’re online with a designer and we’re looking at a connector in our picture search. He says “I need a connector that looks just like this one, but …” and then he goes on to explain something he needs that’s unique to his design and application. If we don’t have the connector he’s looking for and if we know that another manufacturer does not make it, then we suggest quoting an application specific product (ASP).

That designer, probably like you, may try to shy away from using non-standard interconnects, mostly due to concerns about price, availability and sourcing. But Samtec takes a different approach to modifying connectors. About 28% of our sales are modified and custom products, which makes modified and custom products about our third largest sales category. Samtec has consistently been ranked first in turnaround time to design a new connector.

Modified and custom products are important to us; Samtec has a team of dedicated ASP engineers and technicians, as well as in-house quick-turn manufacturing capabilities.

Express modifications

If a standard product is close to, but not quite what you need, an Express Modification can be made quickly and economically. Examples of frequently requested Express ASPs include:

• Unusual angles or bends (anything besides the usual right angle/90°).

• Multiple bends or angles on the same pin.

• Extended right angles.

• Multiple polarisation.

• Mix and match different pin lengths.

• Modified footprints.

• Alignment and mounting options.

• Twisting the cables on a discrete wire assembly.

• Adding protective tubing to a discrete wire cable assembly.

• RF and discrete cables with labels.

• Special platings, for example 50 µ” of gold instead of 30 µ”.

• Screen printing part numbers, identifying marks on the connector.

• Packaging.

• Custom creepage and clearance.

• Extended guide posts.

• Mixed AWGs.

• Stacked plastic insulators for custom stack heights.

• Headers with ferrites.

• Incorporating FR4 substrates.

• Special cables and wiring – grounds, shielding, bands.

With Express Modifications you get:

• Quick-turn prototype samples.

• Short lead times.

• Low or no nonrecurring engineering charges (NREs).

• Low or no tooling charges.

• Low or no minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Engineered customs

There are times when the product needed simply doesn’t exist and we’re not able to modify a standard product to meet the design requirements. That’s when our full engineering support, vertical integration, connector design expertise and can-do attitude make engineered customs a realistic alternative. Examples of custom engineered products include:

• Custom pins, contacts, stampings.

• Custom RF.

• Exotic platings.

• Plating on plastic.

• Metals (non-magnetic, ferrite-free).

• Plastic insulators and housings.

• Guide posts, alignment features.

• Locking and latching designs.

• Caps, protective covers.

• Custom housings, footprints.

• High-speed coax and twinax cable assemblies.

• Special packaging.

• Custom wiring and moulding.


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