New precision RF products from Samtec

25 November 2020 Interconnection

In the build-up to this year’s IMS Microwave Week in June, Samtec’s Danny Boesing shared some of the new and upcoming products from the company’s stable of precision RF and millimetre-wave products. (Note: Although originally slated for June, this year’s IMS took place as a virtual event in August and September).


These high-frequency, precision RF, 50 Ω SMPM connectors are available with the following features:

• Push-on latching (instead of threaded), which is easier for blind-mate/small space applications.

• 30% smaller than their SMP counterparts.

• Bullet adaptors available for board-to-board applications.

• Performance to 65 GHz.

• Available as board connectors, cable connector (PRFM0), or on cable assemblies using .047, .086 or Samtec-optimised low-loss cables (RF047-A, RF086, RF23C).

High-frequency cables

Samtec’s new high-frequency cables are paired with its new microwave/millimetre wave, precision RF interconnects. High-frequency cables include:

• RF23C: Low-loss flexible cable, available with threaded 2,92 mm (40 GHz) or 2,40 mm (50 GHz) connectors. It will also be available soon with an SMPM push-on connector.

• RF047-A: This is .047 low-loss flexible cable with 1,85 mm (65 GHz), 2,40 mm (50 GHz), 2,92 mm (40 GHz) threaded connectors. It is also available with an SMPM push-on connector.

• RF086: This is .086 low-loss flexible cable with 1,85 mm (65 GHz), 2,40 mm (50 GHz), 2,92 mm (40 GHz) threaded connectors. It is also available with an SMPM push-on connector.

• RF120 (2,40 mm, 2,92 mm connectors), RF180 (2,92 mm, SMA, TNCA, N Type), RF280 (SMA, TNCA, N Type) will all be released later this year.

• This is in addition to Samtec’s RF405, RF402, RF23S, RF25S high-frequency assemblies.

Bulls Eye high-performance test

Bulls Eye is ideal for high-performance test applications because of its compression interface, small footprint and high cycle count. Specifically, the connector grid design and smaller footprint enable smaller evaluation boards and shorter trace lengths. This high-density design significantly saves PCB space compared to traditional test points.

The BE40A was recently released with a 2,40 mm connector, which enables 50 GHz performance, while the new BE70A is rated to 70 GHz.


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