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Microchip accelerates embedded security implementations

28 April 2021 Design Automation

In 2019, Microchip Technology released its Trust Platform for its CryptoAuthentication family, bringing the industry’s first pre-provisioned solutions for hardware-based secure elements to companies of all sizes that want an easy way to implement secure authentication. Today, the company is further enhancing this service with the latest enhancements to its Trust Platform Design Suite (TPDS) – a dedicated software platform for device configuration and onboarding to Microchip secure provisioning services for embedded security.

TPDS version 2 (v2) software now enables Microchip partners to add use cases to its rich security solutions onboarding ecosystem, further expanding developers’ already broad options for implementing best-in-class security. It also now includes support for additional security solutions such as the TA100, the first cryptographic companion device for the automotive market.

Streamlining development

It can take an experienced firmware engineer months to specify an application’s threat model and develop a security use case that encompasses all necessary measures related to secure authentication, secure boot, IP protection and more. The two main challenges are configuring the device’s security boundaries and provisioning secrets including private keys as well as symmetric secrets and other forms of secret data.

The TPDS software simplifies this process by providing pre-defined use cases addressing the most common market requirements. It is available with two of the three Trust Platform flows, Trust&GO; and TrustFLEX. These programs enable new secure projects to be prototyped in a matter of minutes with TPDS v2, while giving customers options based on the size of their deployment, use case requirements and how much customisation they need:

Trust&GO – Devices are predefined and pre-provisioned, off the shelf, for secure cloud authentication in both TLS-based and LoRaWAN-based networks, with a minimum orderable quantity (MOQ) of just 10 units.

TrustFLEX – Customers can use this program’s pre-configured devices either with default generic certificates or their own credentials (custom PKI), while benefitting from an even broader range of predefined use cases than are available with the Trust&GO; program.

To address the most demanding use cases, Microchip’s TrustCUSTOM family gives customers the freedom to fully define the secure authentication configuration and fully customise secure key storage.

With its fully integrated onboarding flow, the TPDS v2 software allows a customer to select a security solution, validate its use case, prototype it and then start the process of secure provisioning, all in a few simple steps.

Third-party integration

One of the biggest advantages of TPDS v2 is that it enables third-party partners to add their own use cases to improve customer options for secure element onboarding and security features. Among Microchip’s partners is EBV Elektronik, which is part of the Avnet group. EBV enables TPDS v2 users to connect to the Avnet IoTConnect Cloud quickly and securely through the ATECC608B TrustFlex configuration using the EBV-IoT ‘Secure Shield’ evaluation kit.

How the software works

The Trust Platform Design Suite v2 allow users to:

Onboard with security through training videos and interactive application notes spanning a variety of use cases.

• Develop their applications based on the selected use cases, finalise the security solution configuration, and perform the secret key exchange.

• Procure verification samples and start production.

Development tools

The Trust Platform Design Suite is supported on Windows and macOS environments. The TA100 configurator is only available for the Windows platform.

Pricing and availability

Microchip’s open-source Trust Platform Design Suite is available for download on Microchip’s website at no cost for Trust&GO; and TrustFLEX flows. The site also allows access to training videos, interactive application notes, C code and other project support. TrustCUSTOM software extensions for TPDS are available under NDA and can be purchased through Microchip’s purchasing portal.

For more information contact EBV Electrolink, +27 21 402 1940,,


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