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Range of EMI filters on offer

26 May 2021 Circuit & System Protection

EMI is often a difficult topic to get right for electronics engineers when designing their equipment. Depending on the usage conditions, setup and in some cases where multiple power supplies are used, switch-mode power supplies can sometimes have an effect on the final EMI (electromagnetic interference) performance of the end equipment.

In certain cases, EMI test labs will implement ‘quick fixes’ to ensure the final equipment passes the necessary EMC directives and EMI filters are just one of a variety of solutions often used. But knowing which EMI filter to use is often challenging.

Cosel designs and manufactures a range of EMI filters designed specifically to be used in conjunction with its power supplies. It’s important to mention that EMI filters are not a mandatory requirement, but if and when they are needed, Cosel suggests the relevant filter for you.

The Cosel range of EMI filters offers:

• Output currents from 3 A to 600 A.

• Single-phase and three-phase variants.

• Chassis and DIN-rail mounted options.

• 1- or 2-stage filtering.

• AC or DC input options.

• Low-leakage variants.

• Ultra-high attenuation variants.

All EMI filters are available with no minimum order quantity and average manufacturing lead times are just 4-6 weeks.


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