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29 September 2021 Passive Components

Bourns’ new Model SRP6530A shielded power inductor series is designed to meet the high current density and high temperature requirements of a variety of applications. These AEC-Q200 compliant inductors feature shielded construction with a metal alloy powder core that offers low magnetic field radiation, low buzz noise and a wide operating temperature range of -55°C to +155°C. These features make them ideal for electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtering and power management solutions in consumer, industrial and telecom electronics applications that require higher than usual reliability.

Bourns' uniquely formulated metal alloy powder core and moulded construction offer high saturation currents of 7 to 70 A over the 0,1-10 μH inductance range. The new inductors provide low DC resistance, which enhances their low loss characteristics. In addition, the high temperature-graded materials enable a wide operating temperature range with a 50 V d.c. rating and high rated currents up to 34 A. The new inductor series also offers excellent temperature stability of inductance across a wide temperature band.

The new parts are available now and are RoHS compliant and halogen free.


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