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PCB traceability enhanced by print-and-apply label system

27 October 2021 Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Electronics manufacturers are continuously looking to improve efficiencies and optimise the use of available resources.

Reliable traceability systems that can track and trace any printed circuit board (PCB) during and after production are a key factor to accomplish this goal. In addition, complete traceability is also a requirement from customers in diverse markets. But, how do you properly identify millions of sometimes very tiny electronic components that are placed at great speed, in extreme temperatures and with the use of specific chemicals?


Brady offers a complete, high-quality traceability solution that can identify printed circuit boards and other components with great accuracy, speed and reliability. At the core of Brady’s traceability solution are extremely reliable polyimide labels that stay attached and remain legible in high-temperature, pressure and chemical environments. These labels stay in place and enable users to identify any component throughout its lifecycle.

In addition, Brady also offers the BSP61, a highly reliable print-and-apply system (as well as the predecessor BradyPrinter A8500 label printer applicator) that can keep up with modern, automated printed circuit board SMT lines. The BSP61 accurately prints on tiny 4 mm labels and automatically places them with great precision and speed on printed circuit boards in production.

On top of this, Brady provides software, training for employees and proactive service and support to help solve emerging identification challenges.


With a number of BSP61 print-and-apply systems in place, electronics manufacturers can achieve high production and material efficiency while also enabling reliable traceability for even the smallest printed circuit boards.

BradyPrinter A8500 label printer applicator

The BradyPrinter A8500 label printer applicator reliably automates printed circuit board labelling for complete traceability. It consistently prints and applies tiny labels from Brady’s polyimide auto-apply label range that can withstand the entire PCB production process.

The machine accurately prints and consistently applies even the tiniest 4 mm x 3,18 mm labels in 600 dpi on printed circuit boards. Thanks to a fast processor and cycle time, it can keep up with the pace of SMT production lines. It can be installed anywhere along the production line and can receive label data from most companies’ ERP systems.

Brady’s UltraTemp Series polyimide labels are specifically designed to identify printed circuit boards throughout their production process. The series includes the B-7727 polyimide PCB label developed for auto-apply applications. The label stays attached and remains legible throughout reflow, wave soldering and board washing. It can resist temperatures up to 300°C, as well as the powerful chemicals and cleaning processes used in PCB assembly.

The BradyPrinter A8500 offers Industry 4.0 connectivity and is OPC UA ready. Information can be transferred by the printer to the plant control system, which can then initiate the next action.

BSP61 print-and-apply system

The BSP61 print-and-apply system offers a fully automatic labelling solution anywhere along the production line. It combines a thermal transfer label printer with an automatic applicator and is designed to consistently print and accurately position and apply labels. The BSP61 combines precision, versatility and high print quality to provide excellent value for money.

The system is developed for PCB, component and product marking in high-quality industries like automotive, electronics, manufacturing and laboratory. Designed for optimal, easy integration into existing production lines, the BSP61 has a compact footprint and offers software that is compatible with a wide range of host systems.

For more information contact Brady South Africa, +27 11 704 3295,,

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