Host of updates rolled out to Samtec’s website

24 November 2021 Interconnection

Samtec added a slew of updates and new features to its website ( in October, as several projects wrapped up and were pushed live to the site. These included a new design for its ‘tech specs’ pages, a brand new RF cable builder application, additional enhancements to user profiles and several new content pages.

New design for series and products tech specs pages

Prior to this new design, Samtec had been running the previous design of its series and part number pages for about five years. Over those years, many pieces of information were added and the layout changed as much as possible to fit those new additions. This upgrade provides users with much more space, a much-improved user experience and far more room for growth.

The series page now boasts a cleaner look and wide-screen layout; the configurator has been moved further up the page and expanded in size to allow users more room to build products; and increased size of the resulting configured part number, with a clickable link to the next page and a clean-up of some of the call-to-action buttons to be easier to use.

As for the parts page, in order to build an integrated experience, users can now download eCAD models and mCAD models in the same viewer. Samtec also upgraded the design of the pricing area of this page and moved the action buttons to the top so users have quick access to add to cart, get pricing or request a free sample.

New RF Solutionator cable builder application

A brand new way to build and configure RF cables was also released, called the RF Solutionator. This application allows users to start with an end option, pairs it up with a valid cable option and then allows the user to configure the rest of the cable using the configurator tool.

From there, users can see technical data and take actions on the part that was configured.

Enhanced registration process and profile enhancements

A few more enhancements were added to the new online profile system, giving users more control over address management and including ways to add several different types of addresses. This will be used in an upcoming checkout process rebuild in 2022.

The profile registration process has also been upgraded to be more simple and to perform better, making registering for an account on the website easier.

New automotive applications page and updated navigation

Samtec recently released a new automotive web experience where visitors can explore how the company can help with today’s and tomorrow’s automotive applications. From standard catalogue products to customer-specific automotive designs, Samtec’s wide variety of interconnect solutions can meet the new technological demands for high performance, high reliability and high mating cycles.

New ultra-rugged content page

Samtec’s ultra-rugged I/O and hardware solutions provide reliability and flexibility for extreme/harsh environments.

URSA I/O features a hyperboloid-type contact with four points of contact for an extremely reliable connection and high mating cycles. Rugged metal EMI shielding limits signal degradation and optimises performance. With up to 40 positions per row on a micro 1,00&nbps;mm pitch, these rugged power I/O systems provide high density in a small form factor for cable-to-cable and cable-to-board solutions.

Coming soon

Samtec continues to work on more future features and updates which will be rolled out in the coming months. These include continued upgrades to the e-commerce experience throughout the website, updated capabilities to manage profiles online, upgraded checkout features, upgraded cart features to manage projects more easily, an update to the quotes system and a new way to find high-speed board-to-board mated sets.


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