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Wide range of sensor technologies for innovative designs

24 November 2021 Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

Mouser Electronics has created a sensor technology content stream on its website that highlights the latest in innovative sensor solutions and resources from the world’s top manufacturers.

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart connected devices, manufacturers have made significant advances in sensor capabilities. Mouser’s expanded range of sensor technologies gives engineers the newest sensor products and solutions for their design needs. The sensor technology highlights available from Mouser include the following:

The BME688 environmental sensor from Bosch combines gas, humidity, temperature and barometric pressure sensing with innovative artificial intelligence (AI) capability. The BME688 development kit, available to order, allows for configuration of the sensor with BME Al-Studio software. The software enables optimised performance, output data rate (ODR) and power consumption on mobile and connected applications where small size and low power consumption are critical requirements.

The AS5116 on-axis magnetic position sensor from ams offers high reliability, durability, low output noise and high-precision analog output. Applications for the AEC-Q100 qualified sensor include rotor angle sensing of electric commutated motors, electric power steering systems, electric pumps, actuators in transmission systems, starter and generator systems and other 360° angle measurement solutions.

ScioSense ENS160 digital metal oxide multi-gas sensors offer a 1,67 V to 1,98 V supply voltage range and up to +85°C temperature rating. They feature TrueVOC air quality detection and support intelligent algorithms which calculate CO2 equivalents, TVOC and air quality indices (AQIs) and perform humidity and temperature compensation. Applications include building automation, smart home, HVAC, home appliances and IoT devices.

Additionally, Mouser offers a wealth of engaging sensor-focused content, including a recent episode of ‘The Tech Between Us’ podcast, part of the 2021 edition of Mouser’s award-winning Empowering Innovation Together programme.

To access Mouser’s sensor technology content stream, visit For the latest sensor products available from Mouser, visit


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