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eBook: Engineering for advanced radar and EM spectrum operations

24 November 2021 Technical Literature

As nations and their military forces are progressing toward a new era of modernisation, their technological advancements leave no stone unturned for the dominance of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum.

The availability of high computational advanced electronics, modularity and low cost is giving anyone and everyone a chance to develop and deploy their own electronic warfare (EW) systems. The use of EM spectrum across all domains targets EM energy for detection, denial and deception – either to protect or to destruct. Electronic warfare is modern warfare, where the ability to ensure spectrum-wide superiority is one of the biggest determinants of success or failure.

Limited project timelines, tight precision and accuracy, planning, development, deployment, execution and maintenance all underscore the need for test and measurement. This eBook from Keysight Technologies is an attempt to highlight the advancements mentioned above, the challenges they invite and innovative solutions across all stages. The unique customisation needs or open platform architectures require similar or higher degrees of flexibility and scalability in test platforms.

Visit to download the eBook, which is divided into six sections covering:

1. Prepare for a new era of security threats.

2. Virtual prototyping using design tools.

3. RF component test and verification.

4. Radar and EW subsystem test.

5. System-level radar and EW test.

6. Gain confidence, achieve realism.


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