Components and design resources for harsh environments

24 November 2021 Interconnection Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI Passive Components

Providing engineers with the latest information and resources to build their designs for harsh environments, a targeted content stream from Mouser Electronics offers articles, products, blogs and diagrams that provide necessary information that supports engineers through their entire design phase.   

“Now more than ever, applications require electronics that are designed to operate in a variety of conditions. This makes it crucial that engineers plan for harsh environments prior to the design stage of development,” said Kevin Hess, Mouser Electronics’ senior vice president of marketing. “Mouser is here to guide customers through the planning process by offering a steady stream of content, services and tools.” 

The harsh environments content stream includes a varied collection of technical articles that cover applications ranging from railway and industrial to space and aquatic. Mouser’s products offering for harsh environments includes:  

• Phoenix Contact M12 connectors with cross-manufacturer connection compatibility to ensure wide availability worldwide, making them well suited for railway applications, industrial machinery, factory automation and more. 

• Texas Instruments’ THVD15xx RS-485/RS-422 transceivers, designed for rugged industrial environments and ideal for multi-point applications over long cable runs. 

• TE Connectivity’s Measurement Specialties MS5837-02BA06 pressure sensor modules are ultra-small gel-filled devices optimised for altimeter and barometer applications. These pressure sensor modules enable improved endurance in chlorine environments. 

• Kemet Electronics’ F863 film capacitors are suited for harsh environmental conditions and meet demanding AEC-Q200 qualification requirements. 

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