SOSA-aligned interconnect solutions for mil/aero

30 March 2022 Interconnection

Performance. Interoperability. Improved SWaP-C (size, weight, power and cost). These design trends are redefining mil/aero and rugged embedded systems for users, suppliers, prime contractors and more.

The SOSA Consortium is one of many standards bodies addressing these needs. The new SOSA (Sensor Open Systems Architecture) Technical Standard 1.0 defines a modular architecture for composing sensors with comms, EO/IR (electro-optical/infrared), EW (electronic warfare), radar and SIGINT (signals intelligence) modalities. Rather than defining an entirely new system, this standard defines a set of logical modules that group functions, behaviours and interfaces, which together define the logical architecture of a sensor.

As an active member of the SOSA Consortium, Samtec offers a number of interconnect solutions aligned with the SOSA Technical Standard and targeted for standard and application-specific military and aerospace solutions. Samtec solutions are detailed in the new SOSA AlignedInterconnect Solutions Guide (*mar22-samtec). Samtec’s flexible high-speed interconnects provide quick-turn, affordable, reliable performance and durability across all SOSA-specific platforms.

SOSA plug-in cards using VNX

SOSA plug-in cards using VNX.

VITA 74 VNX introduces a new approach to rugged, small form-factor (SFF) design. A unique module-based format provides system architects with greater freedom in developing COTS SFF systems, with a machined chassis, robust backplane and conduction-cooled modules that unite for an extremely rugged assembly.

Products based on this standard serve markets that require rugged performance, as well as data plane interconnect technologies that closely follow the industry’s state-of-the-art. Various vendors are already incorporating these VNX technologies.

VITA 74 VNX specifies high-density Samtec SEARAY right-angle connectors for 19 mm stack heights. SEARAY was chosen for its high-speed capabilities and rugged design. To date, Samtec has established itself as a leader in the mezzanine and micro-backplane/SFF connectivity market.

SOSA plug-in cards using OpenVPX

VITA 42 12 mm XMC connectors.

The SOSA Technical Standard also offers specific information regarding OpenVPX applications. Samtec offers a number of mezzanine expansion and customisation capabilities for SOSA plug-in cards using OpenVPX.

VITA 42 XMC is a widely deployed mezzanine standard used in high-reliability computers implementing switched-fabric architectures. XMC combines PCI mezzanine card (PMC) with serial fabric technology on proven mezzanine form-factors.

VITA 88 XMC+ defines an alternative connector that is backward-compatible with VITA 42 electrical footprints. This allows designers to improve existing VITA 42 and/or VITA 61 designs by swapping connectors. The result is superior signal integrity (PCIe 5.0 and 100 GbE operation) and improved mechanical performance and durability.

Samtec also offers additional solutions complementing SOSA OpenVPX, including a VITA 42/57.1/57.4 micro jackscrew, precision board-stacking standoff, VITA 57.1 FMC and 57.4 FMC+ connectors, as well as VITA optics.


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