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Omnigo offers high-precision manufacturing during challenging times

30 March 2022 Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

The semiconductor world is being dealt yet another blow. Still reeling from the impact of the initial supply and demand challenges of the automotive industry, following the catastrophic impacts of Covid-19 that wreaked havoc on global supply chains, the war in Ukraine now threatens to further exacerbate the global shortage of semiconductors. According to Reuters, 45% to 54% of the world’s semiconductor-grade neon, which is used in chip manufacturing, is produced by two Ukraine companies, both of which have shuttered their operations due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Pieter de Nysschen.

Yet in these challenging times of global electronic component shortages that have already led to the demise of some local electronics contract manufacturers (ECMs), Omnigo’s leadership, headed by managing director Pieter de Nysschen, continues to adapt and evolve the organisation by balancing innovation, the right mix of skills, the latest technologies and strong partner relationships to meet its clients’ expectations.

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Reutech Group-owned Omnigo, with approximately 200 staff occupying a 4500 m2 facility in Pretoria, continues to deliver quality high-precision electronics manufacturing to a wide range of clients in the industrial, mining, defence, aerospace, security and IoT industries.

With dedicated client project management, engineering development, industrialisation, sourcing and procurement teams, Omnigo contributes at various stages along its clients’ value chain by assisting from the design and prototyping phase, to production and full turnkey manufacturing. Its other capabilities include environmental test screening, higher assembly integration and testing, transformer winding, advanced rework and repair and BGA re-balling.

The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is highly adaptable and optimised to meet clients’ requirements. Omnigo has efficient production processes that enable competitive pricing for low-to-medium production runs, while still being able to achieve SMT placement capacities in excess of 300 000 components per hour using production lines that are fully automated.

“At Omnigo, we adhere to the highest production standards, maintained through our strict quality control procedures which are especially important given the current market situation,” de Nysschen explains. “This means we offer premium products that match clients’ expectations. Omnigo’s electronics manufacturing is in accordance with international IPC standards and it also offers quality certification of completed and tested finished items and products.

“We pride ourselves on being a service-oriented business and thus Omnigo is able to accommodate both clients who source materials themselves and those who leverage our expertise, supply chain networks and buying power. Omnigo has invested in technologies and established a strong network of partners for sourcing and procuring components to meet our clients’ needs.”

The company has applied innovative strategies to combat and navigate the current component shortages in the market. Having these strong relationships with its partners allows for continuous updates on current market conditions, component availability and possible future shortages. “This allows us to provide accurate feedback to our clients and our highly capable engineering team can assist in new designs and redesigns of existing products to help mitigate technical and schedule risks of obsolete and long lead-time items to provide relief for urgent projects.

“At Omnigo we understand that every client is unique and we pride ourselves on delivering tailor-made services to meet their needs. Omnigo believes if you don't take the time to do it right, you'll have to find the time to do it twice. Let Omnigo be your manufacturing partner,” he concludes.


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