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ExecuGroup launches ExecuWeb, sponsors engineering talent

30 May 2022 Editor's Choice News

The ExecuGroup recently launched ExecuWeb, which specialises in supplying redundant electronic components to the EMS (electronics manufacturing services) industry. Catalogued line items are also being made available, to offer a one-stop-shop service to those browsing for obsolete or slow-moving stock online.

To illustrate how handy this service can be for its customers, ExecuWeb shares the following practical examples of how it has already helped customers in need.

Shermann van der Merwe.

Case study 1

A large manufacturer of utility meters needed components to complete a few hundred outstanding units to complete its order. The problem at hand was that some components in the old design were now obsolete and costing thousands of Rands on the open market.

ExecuWeb was approached to try and assist with the shortages. Within a week, it sourced the components needed from a security company looking to free up storage space and get rid of its redundant stock. As a result, manufacturing could proceed on the one hand, and potentially discarded stock was converted into cash.

Case study 2

An international component supplier was looking for a hard-to-find STMicroelectronics processor. It contacted a local supplier for assistance, which in turn put it in touch with ExecuWeb. ExecuWeb sourced the components from another contract manufacturer that had over-bought the required component but subsequently lost the applicable contract. The contract manufacturer was happy to recover some funds while ExecuWeb exported the required components at the highest bid.

“Over and above our ever-increasing redundant stock offerings, the message that we would like to put across to the electronic engineering community is simply ‘Design around Us’. We are a reliable knowledge base for which components are readily available for your new designs. Simply send your query via our online ‘Contact us’ page (www.electroniccomponents.co.za/contact-us/) and we’ll give you the most up-to-date data available from the component OEMs. We offer accurate feedback on our stock availability as it is based on live data and automatically updates the changing stock levels in our warehouse,” said Renita Fleischer, director of ExecuWeb.

“Our stock control system allows for all our stock to be live on our website 24/7. Try www.electroniccomponents.co.za to see what we have available. All our components are existing (on-hand) stock that is available within a day or two, depending on delivery or pickup arrangements. For engineers that want to have all the hassle taken out of the procurement process, we offer the services of ExecuKit which specialises in procuring entire BOMs and delivering ‘manufacturing ready kits’ to your chosen contract manufacturer.”

Sponsorship of promising electronic engineering student

Over and above the work put in behind the scenes implementing and optimising the ExecuWeb platform, ExecuGroup decided to sponsor one student for the full term of their studies on a year-to-year basis, in order to compensate for declining bursaries offered to electronic engineering students.

The directors of the Group made a collective decision that if any of its member companies was approached with a request to assist a student in its field of operations, they would meet the potential candidate and make their final decision. At one of the company’s annual eye test days for its employees, the optometrist made mention of a young man by the name of Shermann van der Merwe.

Upon receiving his application for assistance, ExecuGroup’s directors were struck by the first quotation in his letter of introduction, which said: “As engineers, we are in a position to change the world – not just study it,” in the words of Henry Petroski.

“We were impressed by this young man’s achievements: seven distinctions in matric and six distinctions in his first year of studies at North-West University Potchefstroom,” the directors explained. “His outlook on life, great work ethic and determination to rise above his circumstances were very impressive to us.

“We know that Shermann is currently working very hard, and we wish him success with his studies. We meet with him every quarter just to show our support, not only on the monetary side but to build a relationship, as none of us knows what the future might bring, so we should make the best of every day.”


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