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AWS IoT reference example for ESP32-C3

30 May 2022 DSP, Micros & Memory

Since the beta release of the AWS IoT LTS libraries for ESP32 in August 2021, many customers and independent developers using the Espressif ESP32 MCUs have been using them in various projects based on examples initially provided. A stable release of ESP-AWS-IoT has now been made available by Espressif on GitHub which includes a reference example for the ESP32-C3, developed in collaboration with the AWS team. The ESP-AWS-IoT framework enables AWS-IoT cloud connectivity with ESP32-based platforms using AWS IoT device-embedded SDK. The combination of these repositories provides a production-ready starting point for making applications that connect to AWS IoT Core.

The main characteristics of the stable library release are:

Closer-to-production example

The reference example now provided in the repository provides a better starting point for building production applications. More specifically, the latest reference example is built from the ground up to provide a reliable application that can handle and recover from real-world cases, such as MQTT-level disconnections or Wi-Fi disconnections.

The new reference example also includes Espressif’s Unified Provisioning that allows use of a smartphone app (available in open-source format for Android on the Google Play Store, and iOS on the Apple App Store) to provide Wi-Fi credentials and for sending additional information to the device.

Security best practices

One of the most important highlights of the reference example is that it is designed according to best security practices and provides a comprehensive guide for following them in production use cases. Specifically, the new reference example showcases the Digital Signature Peripheral on the ESP32-C3, which provides a hardware root-of-trust and secure storage for certificates. This ensures that the device identity remains protected by using hardware security. The guide also provides steps for security considerations in production, such as enabling Flash Encryption and Secure Boot.

Combination of AWS libraries and features

The published reference example integrates various libraries, like coreMQTT, coreJSON and AWS OTA to allow for easy addition of this functionality.

Libraries as individual IDF components

Restructuring the ESP-AWS-IoT SDK has provided the ability to use each AWS LTS library as a standalone ESP-IDF component that can easily be added to any example. Each library comes with its own port layer and configuration that can be easily managed for the application.


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